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29. May 2018 – Nicole Brandes

When Oscar Wilde entered America the custom officer asked: “Anything to declare?” . His only oeuvre had just been crushed completely by the press –  “Only my greatness!” Wilde replied.

What makes us great? Can we still be great when others say we are not? Can greatness be measured?

We used to measure the dimensions of the world. Today, we measure the dimensions of ourselves. Every step we take, every calorie we eat, every second we sleep, we are tracking, assessing and rating. Before we levelled up machines. Now we level up our bodies and brains. What levels up the potential of being great?

You might be an executive, an expert, an entrepreneur, a mom, a dad or a lifestyle business owner, and no matter where you stand in life,

You always have choices – one is, to be average or to be great

And with great, I do not mean the result but the path towards it. To give the best you can in that particular moment. Technology can help us scale. Make us a great experts. Act smarter. Be more efficient. Reach more people. But all of that will not set the spark to greatness. I believe, the real thing about being great comes down to one thing:

To show up as a whole person. And offer the most precious things we can give:

  • Presence
  • Attention
  • Time
  • Open mind
  • Open heart
  • Understanding
  • Care
  • Patience
  • Trust in advance
  • Believe in other people
  • Forgiveness
  • Acknowledgement
  • Appreciation
  • Positivity
  • Mentoring
  • Love

That is a decision. And it is based on your deepest truth, which surfaces as your attitude. All that goes beyond our expertise, our education, our role and our status. 

When you show up as a whole person, people resonate.

They feel it. They connect. And with all the noise we have today, with true connection you already stand out.

People might not remember your words. But they remember that moment you see past their flaws.

And that makes the difference. It can have big impacts. And despite all fascinating and useful wonders of Artificial Intelligence, no machine can do that.

When I was in High School, there was Mr Dee. He was teaching German Literature. But in fact, he was role modelling passion and championing the believe in somebody, mostly in yourself. He saw me write those essays and said: “Your words are powerful, you can probably change people’s lifes”. Of course, my essays sucked! But he saw my dedication and he kept encouraging me. Like he kept cheering on all other pupils. Today I have the pleasure to work with high achievers and help them unleash their power to feel more vibrant, alive and lead and inspire others. And it all goes back to a school teacher in a small village, showing up past his knowledge and radiating with his whole personality that attitude:

“Hey, come on, you can do that.”

So, who do you believe in? Everyone deserves your greatness, for we all fight our battles.

“Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength. She or he is the greatest, whose strength carries up the most hearts, by the attraction of his own.”

So if you really want to be great, find the greatness in each person – especially in yourself!

I keep reminding people in my coachings of that all the time. All you have to do is show up as a whole person – and look. True, not so easy. Just start with looking a little deeper. See past your obvious strengths – and past your own flaws. You will be surprised how much greatness suddenly comes up. I don’t believe it. I know it.

Nicole Brandes is a well-known management coach, author, partner of the Zukunftsinstitut and high-sought keynote speaker. She focuses and the human side in the digital transformation and supports people to empower their inner strength and maximize their impact.

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Nicole Brandes

Expert for Future-oriented Leadership, Thought Thinker, Member of the Future Institute Europe, Author