Speaker IT Security, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity

04. November 2020 – Oliver Stoldt

Speaker IT Security, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity: Safe your Data! In a digital world we need digital security for us and our data. Confidentiality – Availability – Integrity are decisive elements for our information security.

The protection of our data and information becomes more and more central in a digital world. In general, information security is the term used to describe the characteristics of information processing and storage systems. In the center: Confidentiality – Availability – Integrity. Modern life is inconceivable without the comprehensive digital infrastructures that we hardly notice in our everyday lives.

“As a result of a single successful cyber attack, a person could lose all data, critical infrastructures could stop working or even cause human loss. In my opinion, cyber security does not tolerate compromise”.
Yevgeni Kaspersky (former CEO of Kaspersky)

Topics of our speakers & speakers on IT-Security

– Virtual Private Network – digital communication networks & WE
– Information Security Management – where is my data still safe?
– Cyber war – the fight for our security
– Digitization – Data protection – Information storage
– A life between DSGVO & digital freedom of movement
– Cybersecurity – a matter for the boss
– The Programmed Human Being – Perspectives of our Information Society
– The Internet Trap – Opportunities and Risks of Internet, Social Media and Big Data
– The Digital Revolution

Both in private life and in business, digital protection against dangers and threats is becoming increasingly important in order to minimize damage and risks. For years, our technical innovations and the associated networking have been increasing the interdependencies between the online and offline worlds – and as a result, risk potential is also growing. IT security is therefore an elementary component of holistic security systems in which AI’s are becoming increasingly important.

(Almost) everyone is moving digitally, but not everyone is really aware of the potential risks or understands what IT security is – we need digital education.

IT Security – our digital security

Our information and data are assets worth protecting. Access to them should therefore be restricted and controlled. Only those who really have access should be able to access it. In this context, Information Security Management Systems (=ISMS) are becoming increasingly relevant. They define procedures and rules that are intended to guarantee our operational information security in the long term.

“Encryption works. Properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things you can rely on”.
Edward Snowden (US-American Whistleblower & former CIA employee)

Sensitization and awareness of the situation: Digitization is developing our world and therefore we also need an understanding of data protection and security in the digital space – because both offline and online, our data must be secure. Now is the time when we need even greater awareness of our digital information security – and modern information technology and software can help us achieve this.

It’s time for IT Security!

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