Top 8 Speakers on Sustainability

25. September 2021 – Oliver Stoldt

The top 8 speakers sustainability, environment, climate change & the future with renewable energy.

Without our environment there can be no life: We humans have a responsibility to protect and preserve our world, including for future generations.

We shape the future of our environment. Regardless of whether many have now understood that man must live in harmony with his environment and that the resources of our planet are finite, our environment is still being massively exploited.

Sustainability & Environment: Focusing on the future of the world.

Raw materials, fossil fuels or precious metals for industry are substances that justify an unsustainable use of nature for a part of the population. A game that will end! And we are in a race against time….

What all belongs to our environment? The environment is something with which a life form is in causal relations. A human being is in many environments and with a few he leads a sustainable and mutually profitable life.

Even if we know about the necessity of environmental protection and should put sustainability in the first place of our economy, we often act contrary. The reasons are economic profit maximization, continuous developments and the lack of foresight to see the big picture – namely the preservation of our environment. It is the basis of all life in our world.

Top 8 speakers on sustainability and the environment:

Christiana Figueres: Christiana Figueres is the United Nations’ top climate change official. In July 2010, she was appointed Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Christiana Figueres to request lecture HERE.

Amir Roughani: Amir Roughani is an entrepreneur and highly committed to fighting for a sustainable future. Green Disruption – The green revolution is here to stay. Sustainability and change, the business perspective. Request Amir Roughani for talk HERE.

Rebecca Freitag: The sustainable future always in sight. Rebecca Freitag is a sustainability expert, future architect, voice of youth, guardian for future generations and political entrepreneur. Request Rebecca Freitag for lecture HERE.

Joschka Fischer: From sneaker minister to one of the most important politicians in the world. Champion of a green future. Honorary member of the Green Party, “elder statesman” and still up-to-date on world affairs. Request Joschka Fischer for lecture HERE.

David Katz: Founder & CEO The Plastic Bank, an internationally recognized organization dedicated to solving ocean pollution. The Plastic Bank is a global network of micro-recycling markets that empowers communities to overcome poverty by eliminating environmental problems. Request David Katz for speaking engagements HERE.

Bertrand Piccard – The Pioneer. Bertrand Piccard is a researcher, physician and global influencer. With both the Breitling Orbiter 3 balloon and the Solar Impulse solar airplane, Bertrand Piccard flew around the world without a drop of kerosene. His lectures are unique, the Life of a Pioneer. Request Bertrand Piccard HERE.

Auma Obama: You are Your Future! Leadership with Passion. Out of the niche – how sustainability becomes attractive for consumers. What does sustainable consumption mean from a global perspective? The future of youth. Book Dr. Auma Obama for lectures HERE.

Klaus Töpfer: Klaus Töpfer has earned a worldwide reputation both nationally – as Federal Minister in the departments of Environment and Nature Conservation and Regional Planning, Building and Urban Development – and internationally in his position as Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Book Klaus Töpfer for lecture HERE.

How have we driven the destruction of our environment? The causes for the destruction of our environment are manifold. Progress and development at any price, even at the expense of our living environment. Increasing air pollution, ongoing climate change, pollution of our oceans, deforestation and clearing of rainforests, and soil erosion (from monocultures such as palm oil plantations) are just a few reasons why our world is suffering.

How can we protect our environment? Of course we live in the now, but it is also our responsibility to ensure the future for future generations. Economy, progress, technology and society cannot be seen in the now alone, but must also be understood in the context of the decades to come.

Our top 8 speakers on sustainability are futurologists are experts in their field and have long been concerned with the protection and preservation of our environment. They will share their expertise and experience with you and provide exciting insights into different topics (e.g. technological progress and environmental protection or sustainability in changing times).

See yourself as part of the whole! Book your top sustainability speaker on the topic of the environment and get exciting insights into the protection and preservation of our world. Send us your request to or contact us by phone.