Prime Minister of Sweden (2006 - 2014)

Fredrik Reinfeldt, has been active in Swedish and international politics for 25 years. Fredrik Reinfeldt was Prime Minister of Sweden 2006-2014 and chairman of the Moderate Party (centre-right) 2003-2015.

He has been a member of the European Council for 8 years. He was the last President of the rotating presidency before the introduction of a full time President of the European Council.

Under his leadership, the Moderate Party has transformed its policies, branding itself “the New Moderates”. Following a historic victory and a success for the New Moderates at the general elections in September of 2006, at the age of 41, Reinfeldt was elected Prime Minister. Together with the three other political parties in the centre-right Alliance he succeeded in winning two successive elections and his government served together for 8 years (2006 until 2014) – the longest non-socialist government period in modern time in Sweden.

During his time as Prime Minister Sweden transformed its economy and its labour market, making Sweden one of the most profiled reformcountries of the developed world.

There were more than 300 000 new jobs created. The Swedish economy had higher growth and better public finances than other comparable countries. Sweden was the only country in the EU that lowered its national debt during the financial crises.

Fredrik Reinfeldt was first elected into Parliament in the election 1991 at the age of 26. He was chairman of the Young Moderates 1992-1995. He was chairman of DEMYC, the then centre-right youth cooperation in Europe 1995-1997 and after founding that founding member and first President of YEPP, the youth of EPP 1997-1999.

Fredrik Reinfeldt is currently writing a book about his time in politics. He is also active giving lectures about governance, economy, reforms, European and Nordic politics.