Performance Artist & Philosopher

Jolly Kunjappu, born in southern India, with a German passport, a multi-talented performance artist and philosopher, master of management and marketing, defines himself as a seeker in the world, in the process of which he has traveled to more than one hundred countries. One of his paintings, ‘Dancing to Freedom,’ can be found on the landmark Berlin Wall in the East Side Gallery. He has produced several solo CDs, he received a golden LP as a guest musician with the Rolling Stones, and he has composed ballet music for renowned opera houses including the Bavarian State Opera in Munich.

He is always eager to learn from others and has succeeded in discovering the wisdom and values of time-honored cultures, adapting them to give new impetuses to his own life. Everything with which he comes in contact as a world traveler is worth understanding and using in his particular creative way.

Jolly Kunjappu pursues his own direction in the midst of mass society. He draws from the sublime potential of art and shows that it is synonymous with human potential. He inspires, challenges, encourages conscious and mindful participation and inspires contagious enthusiasm. He practices what he preaches and he preaches what he practices.

His life motto is, ‘do not be a slave of any system, but be a master of your own life.’ Thus he lives with the constant desire and willingness to change, to be open to new ideas and to deal with unexpected problems and accept challenges. Mistakes offer an opportunity to learn. He has a masterful ability to create unexpected connections. Thus, he convincingly finds more intensity, pleasure, quality-of-life and success in existence.

In the course of his intense and consciously led life, he has acquired insights into human nature which help him understand and connect with his audiences. Energetic, exciting, clever, original and humorous, he draws his audiences under the spell of lived history. Coupled with mysterious sounds, unequaled drumming and lively acting on the stage, his performance gets people to loosen up and let their emotions run wild from laughter to tears. Like no one else, he can combine rational, emotional and social skills.

Large and medium-sized businesses all over the world, as well as educational and informational forums engage Jolly Kunjappu for events and galas as an inimitable and brilliant keynote speaker.

A worldwide public regularly attests that Jolly is extremely stimulating and unforgettable. His way to be ‘different’ – as his appearance is often described – can hardly be expressed in words. Language is narrower than the diversity of life, and to experience something is not the same as describing it. Jolly Kunjappu continues to be a secret tip for those in the know. And he wants it to stay that way.

Experience Jolly – be inspired in a unique way!