Successful leadership focusing on resilience and inner strength

Katharina Maehrlein – Successful leadership focusing on resilience and inner strength

Her experiences in the last 15 years have made Katharina Maehrlein an expert in leadership and mentoring. As a trainer, speaker and coach of more than 8000 people in middle management roles, she knows only too well: being the ‘meat’ in the so-called ‘managerial sandwich’ can feel anything but fun.

As a young person, employee, head of department or manager, how often have you said something like: “I can’t make a difference anyway. I’m not the one in charge here”, “It’s not my call to make”, “There’s no point in getting involved – my contribution won’t be rewarded”, “I can’t motivate my employees – I simply don’t have the budget to reward their performance”, “I’ve no chance of changing anything because my superiors don’t back me up”.
Katharina Maehrlein talks about resilience: working under pressure – leading under pressure. Combining leadership with resilience is crucial, particularly in times when the economy is not exactly coming up roses and companies are facing growing budget constraints.

This is what you can learn from expert Katharina Maehrlein:

  • How to feel great when you’re the ‘meat’ in the ‘managerial sandwich’!
  • How easy it is to learn how to stay calm under the greatest pressure!
  • How to (re)gain your joie de vivre!
  • How to improve your relationships with others!

Katharina Maehrlein can show you to be brave again, increase your impact, attain almost unbelievable levels of efficacy and be self-confident, irresistible, eloquent and a strong leader.

The Bambusstrategie® (Bamboo Strategy) – mastering everyday pressures with resilience

Bend don’t break – withstand adversity with resilience. Why do some people deal better than others with pressure, conflict, failure and defeat? Why do they often emerge stronger from a crisis? The answer is simple: because they are able to summon up sufficient quantities of psychological resilience in times of crisis. Find out how to train your ‘resilience muscle’ and grow as strong as bamboo. Positioning yourself cleverly – status behaviour at work.

Assert yourself with confidence and win power games with the status signal system. Have you experienced those annoying tussles for pole position? Would you like to achieve more prestige and influence? Would you like to position yourself with even more success?

Lecture topics

Expression means impression: how to make an impact in the ‘managerial sandwich’.
Women take the lead: assert yourself with confidence without compromising your femininity.
Mindfulness “to go”: taking a small break in your daily life.

How the power of mindfulness can increase your performance. You do not have to meditate for hours every day to take advantage of the fantastic effect of mindfulness. Learn pragmatic and simple mindfulness techniques that are easy to integrate into even the most stressful day. Make the world the way you want it and use your subconscious as the ‘truffle pig’ of your happiness.
Life can be so powerful.

Unfortunately, it isn’t like that for everyone all of the time. Why is that? Why are some people happy and content and others not? And why do some people stay positive and enjoy life despite adverse circumstances, while others fail to find joie de vivre and contentedness despite optimum conditions?