Martin O. - ...dancing voices!

Martin O. is a musician, composer and singer, in one word: a musical artist. He fascinates his audience with stories made of music which he creates live on stage. He sings, narrates and imitates throughout all genres and languages. In his first solo program ‘…dancing voice’ his only assistant is a small device that records his voice and plays it back in endless loops. It feels as if he had swallowed an entire choir complete with orchestra. His performances are virtuosic, unique and precise like Swiss clockwork. Every note and every movement is perfect. Nonetheless, Martin O. seizes every opportunity to improvise spontaneously and to make the audience smile and laugh through his fine humor.

Martin O. has been on tour with his first solo program «… dancing voice» since 2007. He plays on stages and at festivals in Switzerland and abroad. His second program will premiere in March 2011. For galas and events Martin O. has become a much sought-after artist. He can adapt his program to a client’s wish and thus inspires and delights a wide audience.

When at work, Martin O. relies on his sense of hearing, his musical intuition and his well-trained team.

His art has grown over the years and has been formed by experience and invaluable inputs also gained in cooperation with his coach and director Roland Leuenberger. The ideas fall upon Martin O. incessantly. They get polished and pin pointed. This is what Martin Ulrich – that’s who Martin O. is when not on stage – works on in a very structured and persevering way. An important part in Martin O.’s success is played by Tom Ryser with his artistic collaboration, by a staff of sound- and lighting technicians as well as booking agencies in Switzerland and Germany.

Prior to his solo career, Martin Ulrich spent ten years touring Europe with the a-cappella formation «hop o’my thumb» and composed music for theaters and circus as well as motion pictures such as Utopia Blues or Bersten.

Martin O. grew up in a musical family. At the age of four he started to play the violin and piano. At the Teachers University in Rorschach, his artistic vein received further nurturing. After teaching for just one day, he found his calling was the music and the stage. A fascinating career started, allowing him to create something new, to implement music in ever changing ways and with it to inspire people.

The Swiss Martin Ulrich was born in 1975 and lives in eastern Switzerland.