Moderator, InfoTainer, Author

Röbi Koller was born in 1957 and went to school in the French and German speaking parts of Switzerland. After studies at the University of Zurich he began his career as a radio presenter working for private and public Swiss radio stations. In 1988 he joined Swiss National Television where he has been hosting a variety of shows with social topics as well as entertainment programs. In his current prime time show «Happy Day» he makes wishes come true and leads the audience through highly emotional human stories.

In 2007 Röbi Koller published his first book about an extraordinary Swiss mountain climber: «Stephan Siegrist – Finding The Balance». In his second book written in 2011 he portrays Dr. Nils Jent, a heavily handicapped professor at the University of St. Gallen.

Besides his work in the media and as a writer Röbi Koller is the ambassador for Bethlehem Mission Immensee, a Swiss non-profit organisation supporting disadvantaged people in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

He has visited projects of the Bethlehem Mission all over the world.

Röbi Koller hosts a monthly literature talkshow in front of a live audience in Zurich. On request he moderates and presents a variety of events for corporates and private parties.