Expert in Politics and Communications

Born in Bad Reichenhall (Germany), Roland Tichy studied economics, politics and communications in Munich and New Orleans. After two years on the planning staff at the German Federal Chancellery, he joined the business news magazine WirtschaftsWoche in 1985 to take up the post of Bonn correspondent.

He went on to hold the position of deputy Broadcasting Officer after German reunification. In this capacity he shared responsibility for developing the electronic media landscape in the new federal states.

He has worked for prestigious German business magazines and as a media consultant for large corporations. He also headed the Berlin office of the publication Handelsblatt.

Between 2007 and 2014 Tichy was editor-in-chief of the WirtschaftsWoche, where he was awarded the Ludwig Erhard Prize for economic journalism.

Tichy now lives in Frankfurt/Main, has been chairman of the Ludwig Erhard Foundation since 2014 and runs his own online column magazine “TICHYS EINBLICK” (Tichy’s insight) with continuously rising user numbers.