Event Moderator & Host

With the experience of more than 1500 stage and event moderations, as well as numerous live TV appearances, SAT 1 moderator Susanne Schöne also makes your show, your product or your company a tangible experience.

Presenter Susanne Schöne feels at home on every stage, whether in the TV studio, at an exquisite gala or as the leader of a panel discussion. Her thematic interests are just as wide-ranging.

Presenter Susanne Schöne – Charming, eloquent, quick-witted

From automotive to startups and IT to digitalization, Work 4.0 and weather. “What is important for me is intensive preparation for the respective company. Only if I know the customer’s wishes, interests and goals precisely, can I also (re)present it convincingly.”

Congress moderator Susanne Schöne
Congress moderations or panel discussions require a high degree of preparation. The journalist and moderator has always seen both as the basis of her work. Above all, Susanne Schöne values dialogue at a high level. Whether with members of politics, such as Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee, or high-ranking managers from the business world. Do you need a dialog professional?

TV – Moderator Susanne Schöne
Live every day – at Germany’s No. 1 news channel, SAT-1 in Munich. News television is not for late risers. TV presenter Susanne Schöne’s shift at the station in Munich starts as early as noon. Well rested and in a good mood, you can see the journalist live on air.

Susanne Schöne, the trade show host
Whether construction, automotive, IT or medicine. For hardly any form of moderation you have to deal with a topic or an industry as intensively as for a trade fair moderation. Credibility is particularly important here. As a trade fair moderator, it is particularly important for Susanne Schöne to be seen as a competent member of her team. For more information about trade fair moderator Susanne Schöne, please contact us.

Bilingual moderation (German/English) is as self-evident as her journalistic background (studies in communication sciences). She conducts interviews with a mixture of charm, sensitivity, repartee and curiosity.

Susanne Schöne – Hybrid event formats or online congresses

The pandemic as the engine of digitalization. Use the virtual potential also for your event. Digitalization is advancing inexorably and even if we all would have wished for a different trigger than the Corona pandemic to drive this development, we should now quickly accept the circumstances and act. Use the already existing digital potential and the advancing developments individually for your event, too.

Digital events and hybrid events are becoming more and more crucial for the future. The moderator Susanne Schöne has always been familiar with all forms of online, digital and hybrid events. No matter if it is a congress, a panel discussion, an interview or – most recently – an award ceremony. For many years, the experienced moderator has been working with the largest greenbox and production studios in Germany, where she regularly appears in front of the camera. She is also very familiar with elaborate (live) productions in-house at the client’s premises.

She benefits from her many years of (live) TV experience. Susanne Schöne moderated live for Germany’s largest news channel Welt (formerly N24) for more than 4 years. She then moved on to Pro7 and can currently be seen on TV at the entertainment channel Sat.1. It is precisely this TV experience that stands her in good stead in the current situation. Not only has she always been used to working in a studio (yes, it really is quite different when you can’t look into the eyes of the audience and experience their reactions), but working with and without a teleprompter comes naturally to her.

Susanne Schöne is used to working with and without a prompter at events. She is happy to adapt to the given conditions. Above all, she is characterized by her quick comprehension and her high learning ability of extensive texts. As a studied journalist, she is also happy to help you with the development of your event concept as well as with the creation of your moderation texts.