Mindreader, Expert in Communication & Rhetoric

Without words!? – Secrets of communicating

Learn how to read the mind of the person you are communicating with.

Thorsten Havener is expert at influencing, careful observation and nonverbal communication. In his talks, Havener gives an insight into the mysterious world of suggestion and illusion. He sharpens your senses.

Discover why you can’t do your sums well with your mouth open and how wearing a surgical collar can help to overcome a bad mood.

Thorsten Havener was a pioneer and master of his craft even before he had his own TV show “Der Gedankenleser” (“The Mindreader”). Havener is the original – in his talk he demonstrates the methods that made him Germany’s most famous mindreader. And he will draw you under his spell. That is no doubt one of the reasons why all his books have become international bestsellers and he even gets booked in Tokyo in order to share his skills with others.

In his talk, Havener also illustrates the boundaries between body language and shady pseudo-science. On the Markus Lanz TV programme he claimed to be a mystery astrologer, only to demonstrate live later in the programme what tricks he had used to lead the audience up the garden path.

Whether Havener finds a hidden object during a live performance or says who in the audience is cheating – there’s nothing supernatural about it. It’s all down to skill and mindpower. Here, mechanisms are at work that you, too, can learn and put to use in your private life or during negotiations. You only need to know how!

Havener will help you to achieve greater self-determination and open your eyes to things that have remained hidden to you until now.

The talk can be tailored to your wishes and is interactive – and of course it goes without saying that all players are always treated absolutely respectfully.

Havener is a master at communicating. He speaks several languages fluently, is a translator and knows how powerful words can be:

What words persuade us to do what others want us to and what we can do about it.

How to politely get rid of your guests at the end of an evening and even have them thank you for it.

Why George Clooney‘s dubbing actor definitely should not speak in a Saxon dialect.