Strategy and innovation expert

Christian Rangen is one of Europe’s top strategy & innovation authorities, keynote speaker, business school faculty member, and workshop facilitator with clients across the globe.

He speaks and consults internationally to large companies and governments on innovative strategic transformation, innovation strategies, business model innovation & creative leadership development.

Chris’ latest projects include Innovation Superclusters, where he explores large network innovation platforms at a government level. He is also spearheading X2 Inc, a national program aiming to transport Norway away from its economic dependence on oil and into new industries of the future.

In the X2 Inc ecosystem is X2 Labs, which has been referred to as one of the most ambitious entrepreneurship initiatives in the Nordics. He is also designer of Strategy Tools, an ongoing research project churning out new, visual strategy tools that aim to replace the outdated way in which we work with strategy and innovation today.

The toolkit is currently being used by hundreds of leading companies worldwide.

What to expect from Christian Rangen

The right mix of inspiration & action

Chris’ keynotes and workshops are interactive and engaging, and challenges your current worldview on innovation, strategy and leadership. Passionate and insightful, Chris delivers ideologies that not only inspire, but also equip audiences with actionable steps to take it beyond the seminar / conference room.

Transforms ideas into real business results

Armed with decades of experience in innovation & strategy, Chris’ clear, data-driven methodologies have helped companies across the globe design and implement growth strategy and drive real results – both in terms of building an innovation capability and significant financial returns.

Tailor-made keynotes + workshops

Chris and the Engage // Innovate team spends a significant amount of time with clients to understand their current goals and problems, then designs relevant, up-to-date keynotes & workshops that’s both of strategic importance and delivers the right degree of impact.

His Keynote Topics:

  • accelerating national Transformation
  • future-proofing the chief strategy officer
  • thinking strategically outside the box
  • building innovation superclusters
  • how we built 48 startups in one year
  • creativity & innovation
  • fast forward to the future
  • strategy tools for business model innovation
  • digital business models
  • the architecture of strategy & transformation
  • strategy tools for disruptive times