Worldwide Expert in Social Media & LinkedIn, Bestseller-Author

Corey Perlman – Expert in Social Media & LinkedIn, Bestseller Author

Corey simplifies social media into actionable takeaways your attendees can use today to grow their business. His programs are customized and value-packed, with zero fluff or technical jargon.

Corey Perlman is the owner of eBoot Camp, Inc., which employs a team of highly-skilled digital marketing specialists who manage the social media accounts for over 40 companies. So the strategies he teaches during his keynote and workshop presentations have been tested and proven.


8 Critical Mistakes that are Sabotaging Your Social Media Efforts

You DON’T have to be on Twitter. Or any other site not generating results for your business. During this program, Corey helps you define the results your business can expect from social media and which sites can help you get there. He’ll help you avoid being a Jack of All Social Media sites, master of none. Instead, you’ll focus only on the sites that can generate exposure, build credibility, and keep you Top of Mind with clients and prospects. Specifically, he’ll cover:

  • Not Fishing in the right ponds
  • Getting outperformed on Google by your competition
  • A credibility-diminishing Website
  • Allowing Your Social Media sites to die on the vine
  • Misusing the largest social network in the world — Facebook.
  • Not taking advantage of LinkedIn as a sales tool
  • Selling on Social Media instead of directing them to your Sweet Spot
  • Ignoring Instagram – the fastest growing social network in the world.

It’s Not You, It’s Your Content

During this interactive program, Corey will help you:

  • Define your digital expertise
  • Choose the right platforms to plant your flag
  • Publish in a concise, easy-to-digest format
  • Create a process for consistency and efficiency
  • Get maximum engagement for your efforts

Become a Geek in Just an Hour a Week

A Small Business Guide to Social Media (1-2hrs)

  • Should I use my Personal Facebook page for business?
  • I’m not seeing significant results from LinkedIn, what am I doing wrong?
  • How do I know if my website is helping me win business or sabotaging me?
  • Is Pinterest or Google+ worth my time?
  • I have very little time to spend on social media, where should I be focusing my time? What can I farm out?
  • Does SEO matter any more? What do I need to know to make sure I’m found on Google by the RIGHT people?
  • How a blog can help brand you as a thought-leader in your industry.

Will Your Website Survive the Hot Seat?

Corey Perlman will perform LIVE reviews of attendee Websites so all can benefit from the takeaways. This session will help your Website perform better on the search engines and help turn prospects into customers.

Some area Corey will focus on:

Is your Website setup correctly for the search engines?

  • Is your critical information above the fold?
  • Is your site Mobile Responsive?
  • Are your social media sites properly integrated?
  • Does your Website offer a strong value proposition and a clear call to action?
  • Are you properly collecting visitor information?
  • Do you have a strong call to action?


  • No Geek Speak. Straightforward, easy-to-implement social media strategies that produce results
  • Fun. Watch your audience create a physical ’Web Presence’ by tossing colored yarn balls throughout the room. A perfect photo opportunity!
  • Unique. Because he never does the same presentation twice. Corey will customize his program to fit the needs of the client.
  • Preparation. He participates in pre-conference calls to learn about the event and arrives a day early to participate in conference or company activities.
  • Proven. Corey owns a full service, digital marketing agency – so every strategy he teaches is tested and proven with his clients.
  • Easy to Work With. He alerts you when he arrives at the airport, shows up very early for setup and leaves only after every question has been answered.


Avoid Social Media Overload! – 7 Ways to Simplify Your Strategy & Maximize Results (Workshops 60-90 minutes)

Program Objectives:

  • Fish where the fish are: Prioritize the sites you focus on.
  • The New Rules of Google and how to capitalize.
  • Common Website mistakes that almost every business makes.
  • Easy ways to improve your Professional LinkedIn Profile.
  • The proper way to use Facebook as a relationship-building tool.
  • How to use LinkedIn as a powerful prospecting tool.
  • Best practices for eMail Marketing, Blogging and Video.

Digital Marketing eBoot Camp! Get more done in a few hours than your competition will do all year.(Workshop 3-4 hours)

Attendees will be given an activity guide and are encouraged to participate on their digital device.

Program Objectives:

  • Website Hot Seat. Corey will perform live reviews of Websites from volunteers.
  • Content Plan. Attendees will create a content strategy for their social media sites and other digital platforms (blog, email, video).
  • Participants will makeover their LinkedIn Profile based on best practices shared during the presentation.
  • Quality reviews and testimonials are critical to all businesses. Participants will practice requesting these reviews on the platforms that are right for their business.
  • Facebook has changes the rules and businesses need to adjust. Attendees will work on new Facebook strategies that include their business, personal and private Facebook groups.

Additional notes:

  • Sessions can be conducted both as a keynote presentations and/or a workshops.
  • Presentations are customized to fit the needs of your audience.
  • Corey’s new book, Social Media Overload, can be offered as a reinforcement to the program.


Corey was a fantastic speaker for the Virginia Society of Association Executives (VSAE). His presentation was fresh, relevant, and clearly presented. In fact, one member said it was the presentation he had been waiting to hear for years. And from a staff standpoint, Corey was great to work with leading up to the event. He was responsive and it was clear he paid attention to the audience. We are unique at VSAE and he was flexible to create a presentation to fit our needs. I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a presenter on social media.

June 16, 2015, Brandon Robinson, CAE, VP at Eisenman & Associates, Inc.

Engaging, knowledgeable, thoughtful, well-prepared and fun … just a few words to describe our keynote speaker for AENC’s 2015 Technology Conference. From his first minutes at the podium to his last, Corey maintained attendees’ attention with a fast-paced, focused stream of valuable content and tips for social media success. Recognizing the range of social media experience in the room, Corey tailored his presentation to ensure there were takeaways for all. One of our most popular presenters. We will definitely be asking Corey back in the future.

June 15, 2015, Karen was Corey Perlman,’s Client, Karen Peterson, CAEC – Executive Director at Association Executives of North Carolina (AENC)

Simply outstanding. Corey Perlman recently spoke at VSAE and provided an excellent overview of social media objectives and a tremendous amount of guidance and tools to make our systems work more effectively. Probably the most effective presentation I can remember. Now I have a manageable “to-do” list to make our organization more effective.

Bob Bradshaw, President & CEO at Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia

Corey Perlman was a recent speaker at our Biz Edge Social Media Crash Course. Corey is a spectacular speaker and a true expert in his field. The Social Media Strategies he presented were relevant, practical, and easy to understand. Our audience enjoyed and gave him the highest reviews. I heartily recommend Corey and look forward to working with him again.

Angel Lashley, Director of Audience Development at South Florida Business Journal, August 2014 and February 2015

Corey spoke to our clients. His insights were great and I love it when very knowledgable people are busy taking notes! Also when people stayed after to ask questions and engage with him demonstrated the value he provided even more. He was easy to work with and delivered a ton of value to us and our clients. The feedback on him was strong and people wanted to know when he’ll return. I’d hire him again and get a bigger room!

Sharon Fanto, VP Media at COX MEDIA, November 2014

“Corey Perlman delivered an outstanding keynote presentation for our April, 2013 GSAE Luncheon. Our members have high expectations to receive strategy-laden information from our keynote speakers. Corey exceeded those expectations. We survey our members after an event and ask if the presentation helped them advance the mission and goals of their organizations. An unprecedented 100% of our attendees indicated Corey’s presentation, “Social Media for Association Executives: Where to Spend Your Time for Maximum Results,” as “Excellent” or “Very Good” in this category. I would not hesitate to recommend Corey Perlman to any association looking for speaker who offers relevant, actionable information in an entertaining and cogent manner.”

Wendy W. Kavanagh – President – Georgia Society of Association Executives Keynote April 2013

“Corey does an excellent job of illustrating the strength of social media to CEOs who know they need to be doing something – and are struggling to understand the ROI value. Corey also listens to your needs and works hard to tailor presentations to your audience – he took the time to look at websites and provide strong feedback to attendees in a supportive yet challenging manner. I highly recommend him to jumpstart a social media effort.”

Matt Croson – President – Adhesive and Sealant Council Executive Meeting June 2013

“Corey exceeded my expectations at our workshop. My customers that attended were excited about the business opportunities that social media presents. Anyone in the restaurant business today needs to hear Corey’s presentation and apply his recommendations.”

Gary Heath – Marketing – Sysco Foods Marketing Workshop June 2013

“On behalf of KTM North America, Inc, I can truly say we were honored to have Corey Perlman speak in front of our North American dealers at our most recent convention. It was the first time our company brought in a social media expert and the attendance and audience feedback was well received. Corey designed his presentation to our market and made sure every item was easily understood among each of our dealers. Many of the dealers have already begun implementing changes on their websites and social media platforms and we have received many compliments on this portion of our show. We are grateful to Corey and the eBoot Camp team for their effort.”

Christy LaCurelle, Sport Marketing Manager – KTM North America Dealer Meeting June 2012

“Corey Perlman has presented outstanding sessions for the past two years at Graphics of the Americas.”

Attendees have made comments like:

  • “This was the BEST seminar of the show!”
  • “This seminar was worth the cost of the trip.”
  • “This guy is awesome!”

We think he’s pretty awesome, too. We typically don’t ask the same speaker to return year after year, but Corey’s sessions are so well received and relevant that we are asking him to return for a third consecutive year. Corey really stays on top of the latest trends and strategies in a market that is continuously changing. His material and presentation style are remarkable.”

Monica Turner, Director of Communications – Graphics of the Americas Conference February 2012, 2013