Expert for Style, Image-Consulting and Business-Etiquette

She uses her experience on the top floors of economy and society in Munich, London and Monte Carlo today to motivate employees and executives in companies to emphasize their personality and competence convincingly through clothing and appearance and to thereby find their own style.

For over 20 years she has been working as a trainer and lecturer for national and international companies, accompanying executives from politics and business on their way to the top. The top speaker is a sought-after speaker at congresses and events in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Elisabeth Motsch is more than an image and style professional, she is a leading expert on the communicative effect of clothing. As an image consultant, she develops tailor-made dress codes and behavior concepts for companies to guarantee an authentic and targeted appearance of employees in order to achieve the desired impression with clear specifications towards the customer.

Elisabeth Motsch is a professional member of the German Speaker Association (GSA) and also passes on her knowledge as a lecturer at the GSA-course “Professional Speaker” as well as at the course “Masterclass” of GEDANKENtanken. Her international training with Carla Mathis, California, Evana Maggiore, Ford Lauderdale, Wenche Schneider, Norway, as well as her regular training at the Milan Fashion Campus and at the London College of Fashion confirm her expertise.

She is a sought-after interview partner for the press and regularly writes for numerous online and print media. She is the author of the books “Career with style – Top manners in business”, “My guests – my fans” and “Profile with style. Personality as a brand – Clothing as a statement“, together with the branding expert Jon Christoph Berndt from Munich.

Lectures by Elisabeth Motsch


Executives are under constant, mostly critical observation. The general expectation towards them is high. Adequate clothing and perfect behavior must be a prerequisite.

Another basic element of leadership is exemplary behavior as an inspirational role model for all employees. But only those who really act as role models have the right to demand the same from their professional environment.

There are still executives who, in terms of their overall appearance – including the style of clothing – have little or no correspondence to their professional position. These executives often think that as long as the numbers are right, the overall appearance is of secondary importance.

But they are wrong! Inappropriate, styleless, low quality or even badly fitting clothes convey a disinterest in their own image and disrespect to their environment. This type of external impact of an executive can harm the entire corporate image.

PROFILE NEEDS EFFECT – Personality and style as a Marketing Tool

Influenced by dress codes and trends, we develop our style. Anyone who knows his style can underline his strengths.

The style of clothing conveys and underlines the position and character of a person in seconds. Thus, the clothing style effectively supports non-verbal communication and status. Those who clearly communicate their personality, work professionally.

Most of the uncertainties in dress code, however, arise from a tension between dress code – what we should wear – and personal style – what we want to wear. This presentation outlines ways to successfully avoid this dilemma. However, the desired effect only sets in if the chosen clothing style corresponds to the wearer’s occupational position, but at the same time clearly and unequivocally emphasizes the individual personality strengths.


Status games take place everywhere. With the choice of clothes, accessories, the car or the position we inform others of our status.

We have the opportunity to steer this status strategically in one direction or another. For someone who wants to exude authority and competence, the wearing of high social status symbols, such as high-quality business clothing, real jewellery or a luxury watch, can act as a way to enhance the aura of dominance.

For others who work in professions that require teamwork and compromise, avoiding these high-level symbols can strengthen relationships, which enhance collaboration and closeness.

Those who know the status games, can play with them, whether in the high or low status.


A regular update brings clear advantages, because situation-appropriate behavior influences your appearance and your effect on others to a large degree.

Many ask themselves: How do we best deal with others in a professional and private context? How can executives and employees meet at eye level? Which rules apply in the digital age and how to deal with others?

In addition, new electronic forms of communication also require new, previously unknown and thus challenging, rules of the game. Only those who feel good and behave properly under these changed conditions create security in dealing with each other and thus the basis for a successful work.

Living values in the digital age!

Every company has a reputation and the more respectful interaction is, the more attractive the employer. After all, shared values are the foundation of our core values, and those who do not feel valued are less productive or seeking new challenges.

Value-based behavior (manners), practiced by leaders and employees, ensure a climate of trust and respect. Your customers will love to do business with you, and your (prospective) employees are motivated to be part of the company. This promotes your reputation for future employees.


(Dinner Speech)
Even if you had a good upbringing, you should still check the appropriate table manners before an important business lunch.

It is important to follow some rules if you do not want to offend your hosts or the present guests.

The aim is to lead or be lead through a meal in a sovereign and safe manner and to spend an enjoyable and successful evening with the guests.

For customer events:
Only possible for women or for women and men

Myth and Magic of Italian fashion
“On the trail of the mystery”

No one in Europe is better dressed than the Italians, be it women or men. There is a good reason for this. Italians only dress themselves out of a single drive: they want to cut a good figure and be “chic” – wherever they are, or whatever the social situation. Being “stylish” is the goal! It is a coherent overall concept of outfit, appearance and charisma. For Italians, fashion is always a natural part of their expression, a part of what constitutes their essence. Italians seem to know from birth how a high-quality fabric feels, what makes a good cut, how the play of harmonious accessories works and how they combine colors. They manage to enhance every classic outfit in their own way. Their look appears carefree, but still artfully composed. You too can learn how to do this!

As with the “Cucinca Italiana”, for the perfect “Moda Italiana” you need a good and proven recipe and the appropriate, delicious ingredients to create your own perfect “style”!


“A good seminar lives on good content, a very good seminar of good content and the passion of the trainer.” An ingenious seminar was prepared for us by Elisabeth Motsch. Her preparation, the love of the topic and the unconditional desire to give each participant a lot of ideas and tips have made the day an unforgettable event. This opinion is shared by 30 of our trainees for the course to management trainer. ”

Alexander Müller, Managing Director GEDANKENtanken GmbH

“Captivating, fascinating, customer-focused and presented with charm: Elisabeth Motsch simply delights in her lectures.”

Birgit Sandföhr, Rodenstock Academy