Dr. Henning Beck – Neuroscience is an exciting thing. And that’s exactly what Henning Beck conveys in his lectures. Fresh, modern, entertaining: science at first hand and up close.

In this way he takes an exciting look behind the scenes of the most flawed and at the same time most innovative structure on earth: the brain. Entertaining, practical and vivid, Henning Beck applies the findings of brain research to everyday topics and shows how we can use the tricks of the brain for better thinking.

Everywhere they are sought: the creative minds, the new ideas and innovative products that make the difference. Yet the brain is still the only organization that can generate novel thoughts at all. Learning from the brain therefore means learning to think better – and understanding that it is precisely the error in thinking that distinguishes us from the uncreative machine. But how does the brain organize knowledge and information? What can we learn from the brain to boost our creativity? And what can companies learn from the brain to become more innovative?

Henning Beck Lecture topics

Brain vs. Artificial Intelligence – Together to new ideas or: Who keeps the upper hand?

  • What real neural networks in the brain have ahead of artificial systems.
  • How to combine analog thinking with digitization
  • What makes human thinking better than algorithms
  • How we stay ahead of artificial intelligence and use it optimally
  • Why “deep learning” is not enough and “deep understanding” makes the difference

Brain – The Company: Analog thinking in the digital world

  • Why the best ideas come from analog, not digital
  • How information technology optimally complements our thinking
  • What a brain-friendly working environment looks like
  • How to make the best use of digital media

Biology of the brainwave – How to think the impossible

  • How a flash of inspiration occurs and what happens in the brain during creative ideas
  • What makes new ideas work and why they need to break thought patterns
  • Why new perspectives make us curious and how we develop original solutions
  • What tricks we use to attract, recognize and communicate the best ideas to others
  • What kind of environment we need for novel solutions and how we think like never before

Further lecture topics

  • The Power of Crisis – How we become stronger in times of upheaval
  • The Power of Work – Working brain-friendly in the 21st century
  • Are you still learning or do you already understand? – The path of knowledge to the nerve cells

Dr. Henning Beck, biochemist and neuroscientist, takes us behind the scenes of the most flawed and at the same time most innovative structure on earth – the human brain: An organization full of weaknesses – and yet more powerful than any supercomputer. A network with effective information transfer – more agile than any team trimmed for productivity. In his keynotes, Henning Beck shows why the human brain needs distraction to be creative. Why it will have the upper hand over artificial intelligence for the foreseeable future and what companies can learn from the principles of the brain for more innovative structures.

Henning Beck received his PhD from the Graduate School of Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience in Tübingen in September 2012. In addition, he received his diploma in project management from the University of California at Berkeley in spring 2013. By the end of 2013, he was helping startups in the San Francisco Bay Area to be even more innovative. Today, the passionate scientist, author and speaker is still regularly active in research projects. In his books, he conveys science in an entertaining and content-rich manner, and in his regular contributions to WirtschaftsWoche, GEO magazine and Deutschlandfunk Nova, among others, he links current research with practical everyday issues. Henning Beck shows neuroscience as you have not seen it before: modern, fresh, entertaining and full of enthusiasm.

Digital presentation by Dr. Henning Beck – unique and interactive

His presentations on the live stage are the perfect mix of scientifically sound content, stimulating impulses, aha experiences, entertainment and interaction. His new digital presentation format is just as high-quality and unique: an unprecedented combination of state-of-the-art digital technology with cutting-edge scientific content creates the ultimate experience.

The multi-camera perspective in a professional studio not only enables streaming up to 4K resolution, but also real-time editing and perspective changes, crystal-clear sound in sound studio quality, live fade-in of audience questions and the most virtual form of presentation at the limit of what is technically possible: Lecture slides become live 3D animations, videos are merged with the lecture via greenbox in real time, flipchart drawings gain new quality in whiteboard and scribble animations or are immediately animated as a three-dimensional interactive element alongside Henning Beck. His digital presentations are thus more than an online lecture – they are multimedia experiences that push the limits of what is digitally possible.