Janine Weirich is co-founder of the startup Xeem.

Through her interdisciplinary studies in “Interactive Media Design” (Bachelor | Focus: Design Management, IT), she has worked on numerous projects and turned ideas into reality as part of a team. In the process, augmented reality apps, IoT devices and several business plans were created, for example. Even alongside her studies, Janine Weirich had a keen interest in her own self-employment and was always hungry for new challenges. Her absolute favorite project was the joint Bachelor project with Géraldine Ulrichs: “Xeem”.

A bachelor idea became a successful startup!

Presentation topics Janine Weirich:

Founding a company while studying.
How two female founders built their own tech startup alongside their studies. Tips, experiences and behind the scenes insights from the startup journey with “Xeem” – Challenge Platform for Open Innovation and Digital Recruiting.

Marketing & Employer Branding 4.0.
How do companies target the GenZ? It’s no longer enough for companies to sit back and wait for the right talent. Do you want to know how you can position your company in a cool way among students (even in Corona times) and strengthen your employer branding? With online challenges on Xeem, Géraldine Ulrichs and Janine Weirich connect young talents with companies and promote – under their motto “Educate. Connect. Grow.” – Open Innovation and Digital Recruiting!

Future (Job/Soft) Skills.
Certain Future Soft Skills are important to keep up with the digital transformation of the job market. Find out what these skills are and how to train them in our Talk. Together, we – Géraldine Ulrichs and Janine Weirich – wrote a research paper on the digital transformation of the labor market and took a closer look at future skills in our master’s thesis.

In addition to their master’s degree in “Leadership in the Creative Industries,” Géraldine Ulrichs and Janine Weirich received a startup grant and launched Xeem. Since then, the two startup founders have already been able to inspire numerous companies, including Merck, SAP and Zentis, to take a challenge on Xeem. They are happy to pass on the experiences they have gathered on their startup journey to others in an excitingly narrated and clearly outlined way.

Educate. Connect. Grow.

In her free time, Janine Weirich volunteers as a mentor with STARTUP TEENS – an initiative that supports students aged 14-19 who are interested in starting a business. They look forward to an exciting future and how their further journey in the startup world will continue successfully.