TV-Moderator, Mister Germany 2013, Entrepreneur

Jörn Kamphuis is an expert in business start-ups and entrepreneurship. He acts as speaker, moderator and model, a model athlete of the Generation “Y”.

Jörn Kamphuis loves to challenge the status quo. He is fascinated by start-ups, especially by the process of transforming a single idea into a business concept, and how this business then generates a tangible value.

Jörn has an inspiring and exciting way, even when he talks about the failure of his own company. He says: “Being successful means getting up once more after you’ve fallen down.”

In his lectures Jörn Kamphuis shows how important it is to lose the fear of failure, especially if you want the full potential of creativity, viability and innovation to bloom within companies, their employees and most importantly within yourself.

His goal is to establish passion, courage, and dedication to doing, for all possible forms of enterprises or individuals for all phases in a creative process – a structured innovation, if you will. True to the motto: “If you don’t do mistakes, your goals aren’t set high enough.”

From his time as Mister Germany in 2013, he passes on his knowledge regarding self-discipline, goal orientation but also the self-irony to his listeners.

Lecture topics:

Start Ups and Downs

Of heights and setbacks in the life of a founder

Successful failure (Fail Forward)

Why falling down is the key to learning how to walk

Get out of the comfort zone!

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