Karl-Heinz Land: “Digital starts with people – and changing their perspective!”

Karl-Heinz Land has been living and shaping digitalization for 3 decades already and has actively followed the developments until today. The current events of the Corona crisis force us to an unprecedented standstill. The virus exposes the flaws in our system like through a burning glass. He has taken this as an opportunity to question our system in its entirety. In his new lecture “Standstill as Accelerator” he takes a close look at our social, political and above all economic goings-on and at the same time shows an exciting way out of our dilemma. Possibly this pandemic is a brutal, albeit necessary “Creative Destruction”.

Do you know what dangers and opportunities accompany the increasing digitalization of products and services? What power is inherent in social media and how they can undermine existing business models and endanger brands – but also help them achieve global success? Karl-Heinz Land not only talks about the impact of dematerialization on political, social and economic conditions, but also explains the redistribution of the world based on companies such as Uber, Airbnb and the “share economy”.

Karl-Heinz Land is an entrepreneur & investor and founder of neuland.

He is considered a visionary and advises companies on digital transformation issues with a focus on social media, mobile, big data and e-commerce.

Karl-Heinz Land, received the “Technology Pioneer” Award at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos and “Time Magazine” in 2006, is the author of various bestsellers and a sought-after speaker. Most recently, he published the book “Standstill as Accelerator: COVID-19 as Necessary “Creative Destruction”?”

He also spent over 25 years in various management positions, including Oracle, BusinessObjects, Microstrategy, GrandCentrix, and VoiceObjects.

His presentation topics:

  • Standstill as accelerator: COVID-19 as necessary “Creative destruction”?
  • Earth 5.0 – provoking the future: Why we don’t need a 2nd planet
  • Digitalization changes nothing – only EVERYTHING!
  • Industry 4.0 – Valium for companies
  • Blockchain – How a technology revolutionizes the world
  • Digital Awareness
  • Digital Vision and Strategy
  • Digital Transformation