Michael Rossié is a Speech Trainer, Public Speaker and Coach. Commissioned by some of the most renowned TV/Radio broadcasters and blue-chip companies, Michael’s 25 years of experience literally speaks for itself. A man of his word, Michael has first-hand understanding of the media industry derived from his time as an Actor, Director and celebrity comedy Coach.

Michael Rossié works with anyone who is anyone or aspires to be, delivering over 200 speeches, seminars and coaching sessions a year. From Receptionist to CEO, Soccer Player to TV Host and Politician to Folk Singer, Michael works with anyone communicating in the public arena.

Michael is the Author of 8 books on the subject of presentations and conducting difficult conversations. His agility and wit is further demonstrated in his forthcoming book on humour: formulating jokes and one-liners.

Title of his speech:

Presenting ist like flirting with the crowd