USA correspondent for SRF Swiss Radio & TV and Middle East-Expert

Pascal Weber (born 1973) is USA correspondent for Swiss Television & Radio SRF.

Pascal Weber was the Middle East correspondent for SRF Swiss Television. He lived in Cairo for four years during the Arab Spring from 2011-2015. Weber has lived with his family in Washington D.C. since 2021 and reports on the USA for SRF.

Before moving to the Middle East and later to the USA, Pascal Weber worked for several years in SRF’s newsrooms and was responsible, among other things, for the daily editions of the news magazine 10vor10. Pascal Weber studied political science, modern history and international law at the University of Zurich and graduated with a licentiate.

Lectures by Pascal Weber

Pascal Weber stood on Cairo’s Tahrir Square when dictator Mubarak was overthrown. Three years later, he stood there again when army chief Sisi putsched short-term President Mursi out of office and restored the old order. He was in Libya when Gaddafi fell. He was in Syria when Assad engulfed his country in civil war to save his rule. And he was in Iraq when IS proclaimed the caliphate, and he was there again when the Iraqi army recaptured the city of Mosul and defeated IS. To this end, Pascal Weber traveled to Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

Pascal Weber lays out how all the wars and crises came about, what the backgrounds are, and how they are connected. “The Arab Spring is the culmination of profound social change in the Arab world. It is a revolution that is far from finished, and its end is not in sight today.”

“What next America”

The USA agrees on nothing: abortion, weapons, climate, civil rights, education, history, media, even the recognition of election results and thus the foundation of the democratic system are being called into question. Where is the USA heading? Is there even a threat of a second American civil war, as some are predicting? SRF USA correspondent Pascal Weber provides the answers.

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