Sabine Asgodom, CSP, is one of the most famous management coaches in German-speaking countries. In 1999 the successful journalist founded her own company ‘Asgodom live. Training.Coaching.Potenzialentwicklung.’ in Munich, Germany.

As a prominent trainer for a variety of companies and associations, Sabine Asgodom speaks at seminars and workshops, coaches executives in politics, economy and even showbiz, and performs as a popular keynote speaker at conferences and events throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Sabine Asgodom is a popular participant in panel discussions and moderator as well as a sought-after guest in numerous radio and TV shows.

In 2009 Sabine Asgodom earned her ‘Certified Speaking Professional’ certification by the International Federation for Professional Speakers IFFPS as first keynote speaker in Europe outside Great Britain.

Sabine Asgodom has a fine sense for trends.

With her longseller ‘Eigenlob stimmt’ (Self-praise is Just Right) she coined the term self-PR in the early nineties. Of her books the best-known are ‘Reden ist Gold’ (Talk is Golden), ‘Greif nach den Sternen’ (Reach for the Stars) and ‘Die zwölf Schlüssel zur Gelassenheit’ (The Twelve Keys to Serenity). Her book ‘Lebe wild und unersättlich’ (Live Wild and Insatiable) has sold more than 60.000 copies since March 2007 and was listed almost six month on the SPIEGEL bestseller list. Her books have been translated into numerous languages.

Sabine Asgodom also teaches self-PR at the University of Cooperative Education in Heidenheim. In 2002 she was awarded the ‘Teaching Award in Gold’ by the ZfU International Business School in Switzerland; and in 2004 the ‘Financial Times’ called her ‘Trainer of Managers’ ranking her among the 101 most important women of German Society. In 2007, she earned the prestigious “Conga Award”, the highest honour in the category ‘Moderation and Entertainment’ by the Association of German Event Organizers. In 2009 she took second place in the category ‘Speakers and Moderators’ behind Nina Ruge. She also speaks at numerous events of the lecture series ‘Von den Besten profitieren’ (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Focus, Saarbrücker Zeitung, Standard, Freie Presse).

The Past President of the German Speakers Association (GSA e.V.), the association of German top trainers and coaches, Sabine Asgodom is also member of the Marketing-Club München, the League of Women Journalists (Journalistinnenbund), the network for women in publishing (Bücherfrauen), the European Academy for Women (EAF), the network for women in management EWMD, as well as the aid organisation Eritrea-Hilfswerk in Germany. She is also a sponsor of the non-profit book club for children Lesefüchse e.V. in Munich.