Sven Epiney was born on 14 January 1972 in Naters VS (Switzerland) and is one of the best-known and most successful Swiss TV and radio presenters.

Epiney currently hosts a number of daily and weekly early evening and evening formats on Swiss TV, for instance the successful cooking show “al dente”, the daily quiz “5 gegen 5” and “Die grössten Schweizer Hits”.

The Valais native with the Bernese accent is a regular presenter on the morning programme of Switzerland’s state radio channel DRS3.

His presence on television and radio makes Sven Epiney one of the most recognised faces on the Swiss entertainment scene.

In 2003, he was presented with the “Swiss Oscar”, the Prix Walo, in the category “audience favourite”. He was nominated “best presenter and audience favourite” at the 2006 TELE-Preis and won the Glanz- und Gloria “audience favourite” award in 2007.

Sven Epiney is also an entrepreneur. As the proprietor of the production company “Second Unit”, he produces formats for TV channels.

He can also be booked as a presenter for corporate events.

Sven Epiney’s career in radio broadcasting began at the age of 13 at the former Radio Förderband in the Swiss capital Bern. Raised bilingually in German and French, Epiney also speaks Swiss-German Valais and Bernese dialects as well as English. He can converse in colloquial Italian.

Sven Epiney holds a teaching diploma, studied six semesters of law and lives in Zurich. In the 1990s, he was a singer with the band “Pure Pleasure”, which released three singles and an album.