Expert in Brand Management, Marketing & Sales

Prof. Dr. Sven Henkel is an expert in marketing, sales, and brand management. Based on his premis: “Say less. Sell more.” he advises companies in how to develop distinctive positionings and how live up brand promosis across all customer touch points. He has signifantly contributed to the development of the Behavioral Branding apporach – a concept which is applied by numerous national and international companies to make employees fans and ambassadors of their brands. In his current work, Sven Henkel focuses on future sales concepts, on sales psychology and micro segmentation, and on the integration of digital and physical sales channels.

Inspired by various research and education projects in the automotive industry Sven Henkel has expanded its field of activity in recent years gradually to the topic Automotive and Mobility. In this research, he mainly deals with innovative mobility concepts aiming to answer the question how those concepts should be designed and marketed to meet current market expectations. A key focus is the topic of car sharing.

Since July 2014 Prof. Dr. Sven Henkel holds the Chair of Customer Behavior and Aales at the prestigious EBS University in Oestrich-Winkel. Moreover, he is Executive Director of Automotive Institute for Management located at EBS Business School.

Speaking Topics

  • “Say less. Sell more. Increasing your sales performance through brand consistent employee behavior.”
  • “Forget about Intranet. The Effect of Advertising on Employee Motivation.”
  • “Innovation Selling. How to reduce employees´ anxiety to sell highly innovative products.”
  • “The future of brand management. New concepts to selling the brand efficiently.”
  • “Mobility 2020. Gaining success through cross-industrial collaboration.”


“Employees are key to brand performance. In saturated markets differentiation is possible only through human behavior and value-adding services. Products themselves are exchangeable to complex to be explained during the sales encounter.”

“Customer don´t necessarily buy the best products. They go for most trustable sales person.”

Success factors of modern sales encounters: “Say less. Sell more.” “See more. Sell more.

“Moblity solutions require a new marketing understanding. Marketing is no longer about advertising products and services, it´s about identifying and organizing cross-industrial mobility solutions.”