Political Scientist, Political Analyst, Journalist & Author

The political scientist, journalist and author Thore D. Hansen is a consummate analyst who polarizes, politicizes and “tells it how it is”. His critics attest that his books and speeches often anticipate future developments. Thore D. Hansen enjoyed rare insights into the work of secret services and is considered an Internet pioneer. In his capacity as a consultant, he experienced the financial crisis in direct contact with it perpetrators. Today, Thore D. Hansen draws on his varied professional and personal experience for his speeches and keynotes.

Hansen’s ability to summarize complex issues with almost playful ease and explain them in a way that is understandable to the general public gives his listeners sustainable impulses for their own thoughts and actions. In doing so, his overarching aim is to provide both independent and honest background information.

His speeches address fascinating topics and future trends in the areas of

  • Economy and financial system
  • Opportunities and risks of digital networking
  • International politics and intelligence work
  • Globalization and Democracy

Thore D. Hansen is not least someone who can comment with authority on the issues that are shaping our world, and which demand a stance when it comes to politics, the economy and society.

His books have made Hansen a sought-after consultant and interviewee; among others at German television and radio stations Phoenix, ZDF, N24, Deutschlandradio and Bayerischer Rundfunk. He also works as a commentator and contributes to the political sections of various media outlets.