Anchorman & Moderator

Since finishing his university studies in history and journalism in 2000, Urs Gredig has been working as a journalist. After one year as a sports and lifestyle online editor he became a news journalist and presenter for the most popular Swiss private radio “Radio 24”.

In 2003 Urs Gredig was hired by Swiss National Television. After working for the entertainment department he moved on to the news show “10vor10”, where he has been working as team leader for the late news show program. Gredig also worked for the main news show “Tagesschau”. He was one of four main anchors and a reporter/editor for the program.

In the last 2 years, Urs Gredig was correspondent in London. In 2017 he took over the position of Editor-in-Chief of CNN Money Switzerland.

Gredig has been covering numerous political and ecnomic events – such as the world economic forum in Davos – as a special correspondent. As a news anchor he has presented many special programs, e.g. the US election, the Italian election or most recently the special broadcast of the Japanese earthquake and the turmoil in North Africa.

Urs Gredig is fluent in German, French, English and Italian.