Keynote Speaker on trends and topics 2023

09. January 2023 – Oliver Stoldt

Suitable Keynote Speaker on current topics: Entrepreneurial (re)orientation and the changed (world) order.

A new year full of hope for peace and the end of all crises.

After all, we have been in permanent crisis mode since March 2020: the Corona pandemic, war in Europe, energy crisis, inflation, rising cost of living and now for winter tourism with the lack of snow the next crisis.

A real struggle for survival that leaves its mark on many and also makes many people sick. The psychological security of people for a stable job is enormously important and the companies and employers are challenged to offer their employees stability and a piece of security. Our speaker Daniela Landherr is an expert on this topic. Daniela Landherr was Head of Talent Management at Google EMEA for 15 years and shows in her lectures and workshops how relationship building works in companies and how your employees can perform there in a calm and motivated manner.

Especially now in the time of change, a clean culture of mistakes, clear communication and innovative leaders in companies are needed, so that no “silent quitting” occurs among employees.

In 2023, the technology industry will once again be in focus. For one thing, cyber attacks will increase. Data theft is now commonplace. On a small scale, where the human factor is still decisive. Be it out of greed or simply to damage companies, friends and acquaintances and take his own advantage. This can result in simple companies that try to outrun other companies by stealing data and copying business models. Or cybercrime on a large scale, where digital attacks cripple entire company websites, payment systems and databases. With FIL and Team Red, Prof. Dr. Thomas R. Köhler and Peter Hacker, we work with global experts who are perfect keynote speaker on the topics of cybersecurity, cybercrime and cybersecurity.

Artificial intelligence on the rise – When will robots take over?

As another digital topic, “Artificial Intelligence” will continue to be at the top. In addition to “machine learning” and digital transformation in companies, global corporations are incorporating robots through algorithms for simple jobs. Artificial intelligence is the attempt to transfer human learning and thinking to computers. A cleanly programmed AI can find answers and solve problems on its own. On the topic of Artificial Intelligence, we work with global experts who can enrich your event as speakers, such as Inma Martinez, Benjamin Bargetzi, Pascal Kaufmann, Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze.

NEW WORK, Business Transformation & Gen Y & Z

In the next 10 years, more than 5 million workers and professionals will leave the labor market through retirement in Germany alone. In Switzerland and Austria, the situation is no different. The baby boomer generation is making way and the shortage of skilled workers is becoming even greater. How can companies counteract this loss of know-how? Which jobs will still be needed in the future? What new jobs will be created? How will employees be trained? Our working world and our society are undergoing a radical change that affects everyone. The only question is how we shape it.

The current questions about generational diversity and the future of the world of work:

  • What are the characteristics/skills of the different generations?
  • How do they communicate? Where are the differences and commonalities?
  • What conflicts arise? How can these be resolved?
  • How do Generation X, Y, Z want to be addressed?
  • What needs to be considered in recruiting?

The new world of work with its issues: For lectures and workshops, we work with top experts such as Dr. Steffi Burkhart, Dr. Stefan Carsten, Ralf Lanwehr and other exciting speakers.

We haven’t even outlined many other important topics yet, such as health, business & finance, nutrition, diversity, sustainability or innovation. We also offer you top speakers for lectures and experts for workshops on these essential topics in modern business management.

The year 2023 with its challenges will challenge us as a society on a daily basis. Politicians and business leaders will have their hands full interpreting the new global (world) order correctly, making intelligent decisions and presenting solutions. This is a Herculean task, because in recent history there have never been such tectonic changes in such a short period of time. The proclaimed change of times is in full swing.

Let’s tackle the future with exciting conferences, conventions, meetings and workshops, with inspiring keynote speaker, to make the world a little more peaceful and a little better.

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