Nils Müller: Future trends, metaverse, digitalization, robotics and how we will live (the) day after tomorrow.

Join Nils Müller on a fascinating journey into the world of tomorrow! In his rousing presentations, you will take a direct look into the future – and learn about the next trend topics and global innovation hotspots today.

With his experience from over 1,000 keynotes, Nils Müller will surprise you as one of the most experienced and versatile speakers in the future industry on a wide variety of topics. Currently and especially in demand are two topics:

1. Welcome to the metaverse
We are going on a journey to the next evolutionary stage of the internet. The Web 3.0.

Introduction: We are about to create a 1:1 map of almost unimaginable scale. When it is finished, our physical reality will merge with the digital universe. The Metaverse.

The metaverse is a buzzword that refers to various virtual experiences, environments and resources that have gained prominence during the pandemic transformation of online everything. Together, these new technologies foreshadow what the Internet will be next.

Purpose: The goal of the keynote is to provide newcomers to the metaverse with an overview of the major issues related to the metaverse and its impact on humanity’s economy and society.

Afterwards, attendees will have a basic understanding of this significant iteration of the Internet that will enable them to take their first steps into the Metaverse and figure out how current business models need to adapt and what new business models will become possible.

Content: what is the Metaverse and why is it important. We will give an introduction to the relevant technologies and methods of the metaverse. What is DEFI? What is the difference between coins and tokens, and how do I connect to Dapps. What is a wallet, and why is it either cold or hot? What features make up the Metaverse, but also what it is not. It’s going to be quite a journey, but we’ll make sure it’s just the beginning for you.

2. Metaverse depth
A practical guide to getting your business into the Metaverse

Introduction: The Metaverse can be understood as an interface layer between the physical and virtual worlds, encompassing a combination of hardware and software innovations. Most importantly, it is an economic system that exists in parallel with the fiat financial system. In this context, we must look at it from the perspective of financial inclusion and its impact on our economy.

In September 2021, before his “meta” announcement, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook would be a “metaverse company” within five years, while Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, said they would invest in the “enterprise metaverse.” Simply put, whoever can integrate NFTs and payments into the metaverse will potentially lead the biggest shift in online culture and economy since the emergence of the Web in the 1990s.

Purpose: The goal of the keynote is to provide DEFI and tokenization newcomers with an overview of the essential topics related to the Decentralized Financial System (DEFI), tokenomics, NFTs as they relate to the metaverse and the business world.

Then, attendees will have a basic understanding of this significant shift in our financial system and the new opportunities it presents. Finally, we will provide insights on how we need to adapt and rethink current business models to prevent them from losing relevance while taking full advantage of one of the most significant opportunities the world has ever seen.

Content: the metaverse is here! But what business can I do in it? Do you understand how the decentralized financial system (DEFI) is changing the rules of the game and reshuffling the cards through tokenization and smart contracts? How can you use decentralized apps running on blockchains to your advantage? Learn how to seize opportunities, develop new business models, and find new ways to engage with your customers in a world that is no longer about interfaces, but about experiences.

The world is changing rapidly: disruptive ideas, innovative developments, metaverse and radical technological advances are shaping our markets, industries and our entire lives ever more strongly, rapidly and comprehensively. Recognizing trends and innovations at an early stage is not only becoming a competitive advantage for companies, it is essential for their survival. That is why Nils Müller founded TRENDONE. Since 2002, he has supported a wide variety of companies in identifying and mastering relevant trends and individual innovation challenges. Today, his company is the market leader for trend research & innovation consulting in German-speaking countries – and is still owner-managed. Through his global trend network “LaFutura”, Nils Müller also brings together the world’s leading future thinkers and visionaries on an international level.

Further lecture topics by Nils Müller:

CREATORS Keynote – Vote for your future
This new lecture by TRENDONE founder Nils Müller not only shows where your business is heading. The highlight: The way to the future of your business is shown by your own colleagues and employees themselves – because who else would be better suited to do this?

The CREATORS KEYNOTE turns your audience into creative directors. Speaker and future expert Nils Müller actively involves the audience in a multimedia story. The “multiple choice storyline” activates the innovative power of the participants. In this way, the presented content adapts to the audience’s ideas. As a result, you get an interactive mood picture with the most relevant trend currents for your business.

The more participants, the more accurate the mood barometer. The presentation is designed to last 45 minutes and is best suited to larger events with event character or conferences. Remember, the more attendees, the more accurately the sentiment barometer can influence the selection of important trends and thus make statements about the future.

Face recognition ensures accurate voting
But how is accurate voting ensured with so many viewers? We wouldn’t be innovation experts if we didn’t make use of the latest technologies ourselves! That’s why we use the latest facial recognition software, which analyzes and reliably evaluates the mood of all the faces in the audience.

Journey to the future 2035
Have you ever been to the future? In “Future Journey 2035,” Nils Müller takes you into the world of tomorrow. Then please fasten your seat belts: Your time travel starts in the future and takes you back to today in a multimedia presentation with many practical examples and innovative technologies.

How to innovate
Nils Müller is fascinated by the future – and firmly convinced that it is worthwhile to embark on the path from trends to innovations! His keynote “How to Innovate” serves as a stimulus and motivation to discover and understand the currents of change and to transform them into opportunities for your business.

Nils Müller – Visionary Keynote
Look forward to a spectacular journey into the future! You can expect an approx. 45-minute firework of new impressions, best practices and global micro-trends. Be fascinated by up to 25 cases, which Nils Müller will present to you multimedia-based, live and in interaction with the audience. After all, we want you to try out the latest technologies on stage yourself. Of course, Nils Müller plans each Visionary Keynote individually. In the run-up to the event, he will work with you to adapt all content and best practice innovations to your needs.

Other topics and trends

  • Artificial Intelligence & Robots
  • Transhumanism
  • Society 5.0
  • Digital Transformation
  • Zero Emission
  • Metaverse

Nils Müller’s keynotes are nationally and internationally renowned event highlights – above all his “Time Travel 2035”. In this inspiring lecture, you will experience the global innovations of the future up close and receive valuable impulses in an effective storyline. Nils Müller studied in Berlin, New York and Milan. He started his career at the IBM Innovation Center. Today, he lives in Hamburg-Blankenese with his wife and three children.