US Presidential Election 2024

23. July 2023 – Oliver Stoldt

The U.S. presidential election on Nov. 5, 2024, will feature voting in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Who will succeed President Joe Biden?

The election is groundbreaking. The world has come apart at the seams and the USA should now set clear guidelines for the emerging conflicts with a strong president. Besides the Ukraine crisis, where the USA is present with military help, the NATO expansion with Finland and Sweden, the smoldering conflict between China and Taiwan, the tense situation in North Korea and the conflict area Israel and the Middle East.

Our U.S. experts will analyze the U.S. situation in lectures and talk sessions and outline how it may look after the U.S. presidential election in 2024.

Sigmar Gabriel – former Foreign Minister & Vice Chancellor of Germany, President of Atlantikbrücke e.V.
Josef Braml – USA expert
Sandra Navidi – Economic expert & Wall Street journalist
Pascal Weber – SRF Correspondent USA
Jens Korte – Economic journalist & Wall Street expert
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg – former top Politician and USA expert
Thomas Borer – former US Ambassador to Switzerland
Julius van de Laar – USA expert & election aide to President Barack Obama
Tzipi Livni – former Foreign Minister Israel
José Manuel Barroso – former President of the European Parliament
Arturo Bris – Professor of Finance IMD Lausanne & CEO World Competitiveness Center
Micheline Calmy-Rey – former Foreign Minister of Switzerland
Christiana Figueres – global expert on climate protection
Joschka Fischer – former Foreign Minister & Vice Chancellor of Germany
Anders Fogh Rasmussen – former NATO Secretary General
Garry Kasparov – chess genius
Tobias Endler – Political scientist & Americanist

American conceptions of world order and transatlantic relations.

The number of conflicts worldwide has increased significantly in the past decade. The United Nations is trying to counter this trend with a new guiding principle. Conflict prevention and the promotion of peace-building structures are intended to preserve peace in the long term. It is up to the United States to maintain world peace and stabilize it in the future. For some time now, America’s domestic and foreign policies have signaled that the world power’s economic and security interests are focused mainly on confrontation with China. Because of a dispute with Russia in the Old World, the U.S. will not alienate even its new ally India, which is a beneficiary of Western Russia sanctions but which it needs against its main rival China in the economic region of the future Asia.

U.S. security, energy and trade policies. And – who owns the Internet?

The U.S. also leads the way in development in the digital world. Especially the development of Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT and other new technologies, companies like Meta, Microsoft, OpenAI, Google, Apple, Anthropic, Inflection and Facebook are in the race against China for the position of technological supremacy. Europe plays only a minor role, except for SAP in Germany and Starmind in Switzerland, the development of new technologies takes place in Silicon Valley.

The American Patient – Risks and Market Opportunities in the USA

And last but not least, the American economy. The U.S. President with the Department of Commerce decides on tariffs against foreign suppliers and industries. America First or global trade after all? In addition to economic policy, the stock market on Wall Street is also responsible for the direction. America is the motherland of financial market-driven capitalism. And to this day, when Wall Street coughs, global markets get pneumonia. But in the USA, of all places, doubts about the system are emerging. The question of whether the principle of shareholder value is still appropriate is becoming louder and louder. Politicians on both the right and the left are increasingly criticizing the status quo. This is also true with regard to the climate issue, which is slowly appearing on the agenda not only among young people but also in Corporate America. How serious are the players about changing values? What are the potential implications for global financial markets?

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