Dramatic Advisor & Author

The Austrian theater scientist, marketing expert and successful author Dr. Christian Mikunda is a grand master of increasing impact – not only for his followers, who have made him the “guru of store dramaturgy”.

Christian Mikunda Speaking Topics

  • The rules of store dramaturgy
  • Hypnoesthetics. The ultimate seduction in marketing, retail and architecture
  • Strategic tourism experience with regional storytelling

Christian Mikunda also inspires a broad international audience as a KeyNote Speaker booked worldwide. As a lecturer, he teaches in Vienna, Salzburg and Munich, was a visiting professor in Tübingen and Klagenfurt and a guest speaker at Harvard University in Boston.

Christian Mikunda is also considered the developer of the Learning Expedition. This refers to a traveling seminar, which consists of both lecture and live experience elements, for example to make the store – dramaturgy more comprehensible for the participants both theoretically and practically.

His books are published in several languages. Christian Mikunda is considered a mastermind of the experience economy and the founder of strategic dramaturgy.

He advises the automotive industry and retail groups, television stations, museums and world exhibitions, develops brandlands and shopping malls and finds the “red thread” for cities and municipalities. Christian Mikunda is a charismatic speaker on all topics at the intersection of marketing, architecture and psychology.

Strategic Storytelling & Tourism Experience

What is a tourism experience anyway, which high feelings – like Glory, Joy, Power – bring the guest to a region? In his lecture, Christian Mikunda analyzes the psychological mechanisms behind authentic and also spectacular experiences. At the same time he zwichnet in the lecture a sketch for a new Destinations total dramaturgy. Which brain script, which “script in the head”, could be behind a destination experience? How should one play on the keyboard of high emotions while carefully shifting the focus? Christian Mikunda takes numerous regional and worldwide examples as a starting point and distills them into a vision for a new start in the hotel industry, urban design and destination marketing.