Fighter Pilot & Manager

HOLGER LIETZ. Fighter Pilot & Manager.

Holger Lietz is the “Fighter Pilot of Business”: He directly applies his experience and methods from the complex world of military aviation to the requirements of managers in today’s complex and dynamic business world. For Lietz, his focus is the same as both fighter pilot and manager –optimal efficiency; that is the key to achieving your objectives.

FLY OR GOODBYE. Make the right decision with the Fighter Pilot Method.

At speeds of around 1,000 km/h, fighter pilots need to be prepared for everything to complete their mission successfully and stay alive. This requires meticulous, advanced planning and preparation before each flight. In this way, pilots know how to go through all eventualities, even the most improbable situations, and plan how to react to them – for this they use what’s called the “Canned Decision” method. As a result, pilots are always prepared for whatever may come their way. Managers can also use this method for their business; markets and competitive environments are constantly changing, and these changes are now happening faster and faster. This means increasingly faster decisions are needed in order to remain on course for success. Holger Lietz shows us with his ’Decision Engine’ for managers how to make the right decision when it counts!

Strap into a fighter jet and take away inspiring practical advice for your business:
– How to plan systematically for the improbable – equipping you for sudden market and competitive changes.
– How to make advance decisions in readiness for every possible situation and implement them when required.
– How to achieve a higher ’flight level’ than the competition and gain a competitive edge.

Make the right decision: Choose a keynote that will make a decisive and lasting difference to your approach to business.

SALES IS COMBAT. Sell with maximum thrust.

Salesmen and fighter pilots have a lot in common, both working in a dynamic, constantly changing environment, on a daily basis. Make a serious error in the cockpit and you’re a smoking hole in the ground, ’crash’ with your sales pitch or in negotiations and the customer will buy somewhere else. Sales is a daily struggle, sales is combat.

For this reason, fighter pilots leave nothing to chance. Before each mission, they analyse the mission-critical parameters and develop tactics and countermeasures for any eventuality that might occur. Ongoing training, detailed mission planning and consistently high situational awareness during flight are their keys to success, helping them to always be one step ahead of the development of combat and successfully complete their tasks – ’Mission complete’.

Climb into the cockpit of a fighter jet and gain new and motivating perspectives on your daily sales work. Holger Lietz provides on-point advice:

– How to train under ’combat conditions’.
– How to prepare yourself for all eventualities in your ’sales mission’.
– How to constantly maintain situational awareness and close the deal.

Ignite your afterburner now: With a keynote that gives your daily sales work maximum thrust!

Take off with business techniques taken from the methods of fighter pilots! Like fighter pilots, managers need to respond to ongoing changes and be prepared for all eventualities, in management as much as in sales. And just like during a flight at a speed of 1,000 km/h, business is very much a time critical field, with rapidly changing markets and the various competitive environments it involves. Holger Lietz can show you how to keep on course! He provides unconventional perspectives and decisive input on how to make the right decisions and sell with maximum thrust.

20 years of experience in top management positions. He started his career training to be a jet pilot, as an officer in the German Air Force. This was followed by senior management positions in numerous top companies, including Procter & Gamble, Ravensburger and American Express. He has also helped the internet start-up (now Monster Inc.) become a European market leader. In addition, Holger Lietz lectures at two Universities.

Exciting insights into the cockpit of fighter pilots. In his keynotes, Lietz combines his knowledge and experience from work as a fighter pilot and as a manager. He uses memorable images and provides action-orientated stimuli for effective business and sales methods from a fighter pilot’s perspective.

Holger Lietz is a thought-provoking keynote speaker who never fails to gain and maintain the attention of his audience. He does this using a clear, direct, straightforward presentation style. His keynotes inspire, using examples comparable to ‘precision landings’, with how they apply to business as well as to the world of military aviation. Moreover, the methods and techniques Lietz discusses are all things you can take away and implement immediately. This is what makes his keynotes such a valuable and lasting experience.

Look forward to inspirational, motivational and practically relevant keynotes.

Holger Lietz – Give your business maximum thrust!