Expert in Change Management & Leadership, Monkey-Management

Jan Roy Edlund, Dr.oec. et lic.rer.publ. (1966)

Dr. Jan Roy Edlund has worked as a management trainer, consultant and expert with more than 35‘000 managers in the last 20 years. Beside his function as top management trainer and consultant he is internationally recognized as an inspiring motivational keynote speaker. His trainings and speeches mainly focus on Leadership, Change Management, Managerial Communication and Motivation.

Dr. Edlund studied and lectured in St. Gallen & Harvard University. He is currently holding lecturing positions at the Universität St.Gallen and the European Business School. As Managing Director of the Human Resources International AG he leads a team of trainers and conducts consultancy projects with a main focus on soft skills, such as strategic alignment, change management, executive development and culture control. Major international companies are among his clients such as: Coca-Cola, IBM, General Electric, Johnson & Johnseon, Daimler, Henkel, Pfizer, Hamburg Airport, Credit Suisse, FIFA, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Bayer AG, Steigenberger Hotels, etc.

“Top Monkey Managers go home at 5pm whilst their staff works super motivated until 8pm!” His bestselling book: “Monkey Management – How Managers Achieve More in Less Time”, (2010) focuses on how to solve the backward delegation problem most managers are struggling with. When managers get caught up in daily operational work they lose sight of important strategic topics relvevant to improve their business. In his book, Dr.Edlund illustrates with many examples, tools, methods and exercises how managers can regain control of their time, reduce complexity and empower their employees to deal with daily operational routines. As a keynote speaker, Dr. Edlund uses the story telling approach. He entertains his audience with humorours examples, annectodes and eye opening ‘Aha’s!’

Dr. Edlund lives with his family in Zurich, he is a ten times ironman finisher and pilot.

Monkey Management – How Managers achieve more in less time!

Most managers think that more responsibility also means a higher workload. But it is not about working more but working differently and much more effectively. It means that managers must concentrate most of their time and energy on their most important five topics. Dr.Edlund gives your managers valuable insights in how to counteract thousands of little monkeys (= emails, telephones, meetings and requests from employees) and to be much more effective. By concentrating on strategic topics and the real leadership task the manager helps to increase overall performance of the company.

Power Pyramid® – Why should anyone be led by you?

Many managers base their legitimacy as a leader simply on their formal contract where it states how many employees they are responsible for. But “there are no leaders without followers”. Followership is something each manager, project- or teamleader has to earn himself, each day, again and again. What does it require to be a real leader? How to become a role model for others? What does the manager has to do in order to tap into the full potential of his/her employees? With his famous Power Pyramid® Concept Dr. Edlund illustrates how managers must develop themselves each day in order to release the full potential of their entrusted human capital – an eye opener also to the very experienced managers.

Change Management – How to onboard employees and deal with resistance?

In today’s fast moving world, every manager is expected to implement change processes. But every survey shows that most managers lack the necessary knowledge, understanding and toolbox in how to do that. During the last 15 years as a trainer, management consultant and lead advisor, Dr.Edlund has designed and supervised numerous large and small scale change processes in different industries (e.g. Coca Cola, Henkel, Daimler, Ford, Pfizer), be it restructuring, cost-cutting, outsourcing, postmerger change, IT-implementation or strategic realignment. In this keynote speech Dr.Edlund explains the mechanics of corporate change and why managers have to take full responsibility in order to make it work.