Business cabaret artist with character

Karsten Kaie – Business cabaret artist– Entertainer – Actor – Moderator

Karsten Kaie studied Theatre and Cultural Studies at the Freie Universität in Berlin. After pantomime training, he attended the Kaskeline Film Academy. Finally, he completed acting training at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York City. He also attended master classes at Uta Hagen HB Studios New York. After his studies, he made countless guest appearances in well-known TV shows, including the legendary “Harald Schmidt Show” on SAT 1.

As a cabaret artist, comic and actor, Karsten Kaie is a ubiquitous presence onstage. He has been charming audiences for years as a relationship philosopher in “Caveman” as well as with his solo acts “Lying but honestly”, “You can blow through a million so quickly” and his English act “How to become a Berliner in one hour?”. When Karsten Kaie is onstage, smiles soon turn into hearty laughter.

Business cabaret for your company: Laughing motivates and unites people!

With appearances at over 1500 company events, at trade fair presentations and galas, Karsten Kaie has made a name for himself. What can you expect from Karsten Kaie’s business entertainment?

Carefully researched truths delivered ironically. Knowledgeable, adept, with sophistication and character. Karsten Kaie, a multitalented language artist, knows how to play with his audience, always with style and grace. By interactively involving your company, he creates the perfect balance between facts and comedy. Whether for your gala evening, a company anniversary, corporate events or presentations, business cabaret artist Karsten Kaie tailors his act to your audience according to the event. His reactions are quick-witted, eloquent and absolutely confident. The perfect mix of skill and sophisticated humour.

His comedy speeches involving specialised content are individually tailored and customised for your company. For instance, at a poetry workshop held by your company. Kaie juggles words (in English as well), facts, humour and charm. How many cultures are represented at your company? Exciting characters encounter one another. How does communication happen? A meticulous briefing session allows Karsten Kaie to get an exact feeling for the company culture in question. For this evening, he’s one of you. For this evening, you have one more employee on your team. With his easy going manner, he, somewhat cheekily yet affectionately, dissects the company’s little quirks with precision. He engages with office character types in an amiable, entertaining way. How do accountants relate to digital natives, and how does a hipster really act? A healthy dose of irony underpinned with earnestness.

Book Karsten Kaie – Business cabaret artist with character as a communication trainer, business entertainer and comedy speaker for your event.

Laughing together is the easiest way to connect different cultures!

Communication and collaboration. How does business work? What makes businesspeople tick? The tricks of business – Learning how to read little lies – Learning how to see through other people’s lies and stay one step ahead of the game. An entertaining showcase of characters.

Customer-feedback about Karsten Kaie

“Dear Karsten,
By what criteria can one ever declare a production successful? Should it be media couverage (21 TV broadcasts & numerous articles), number of visitors (60,000 per day) and customers’ satisfaction, we can truly say that the Opel stand has been a success…. For the dedication and energy you have put into the Opel IAA project, we would like to thank you. Not only from a professional point of view, but also for personal reasons as they contributed strongly to the success of the Opel stand…”
(Rob de Otter)