Artist existence and entrepreneurship are usually mutually exclusive. But exceptions confirm the rule. As a singer and keynote-speaker, she was already rocking millions of people worldwide while managing behind the scenes as an entrepreneur and manager one of Germany’s most successful artist agencies.

Her talent for inspiring people made her work with world stars such as Michael Jackson, Joe Cocker, David Garret as well as working for the most successful companies in Germany.

After over 2,500 appearances worldwide, multiple chart successes and TV appearances, she wants to share her secrets to success. In terms of content, she loves to blast the roadblocks to success out of the way of her audienceblocks that prevent many from rocking their targets.
Annabell Whitney is a great Inspiration and very dynamic performer. She captivates her audience with her exciting experiences and valuable expert knowledge. Through the musical and highly motivating speech, your customers, employees and guests experience amazing parallels with the dazzling world of rock stars. Use the energy, spirit, creativity and passion of rock stars to rock your business and your team.

Lectures by Annabell Whitney:

1. What we all can learn from rock stars. Welcome outside your comfort zone!

Focus: Motivation, success

Find out what rock stars and top performers have in common!
With life hacks, interactions and a very effective 5 point program, the audience experiences, how to integrate rock-n roll philosophy, – techniques and – attitude into your business to boost and strengthen the performance and motivation of your working environment.
Annabell Whitney lights the fire in your team. In her engaging and energetic speech, she awakens the rock star, the top performer in every single one.

2. What we all can learn from rock stars. Welcome to the tour bus!

Focus: Team, team building

Many hits were never written because bands couldn’t handle that intense time on the tour bus.
Every company needs a team that can handle the bus ride to success especially in turbulent times.
Annabell Whitney shows surprising and inspiring parallels in how to strengthen team spirit and achieve top performances in the team. Her experiences both on and behind stage and her method of setting clear goals make this speech impressive, entertaining and effective.

3. What we can learn from rock stars. Rockstar Revolution

Focus: Change

We live in revolutionary times where innovation and change are happening faster and more unexpectedly than ever. Let’s start a rock star revolution in your business.
Change is not an one-off measure, but a basic attitude that is supported not only by the management level, but by the entire team. Fear, sticking to old strategies and blocking are quite natural reactions to change. We can revolutionize these emotions by unleashing a little Rockstar, that lives in all of us. Let’s experience together with surprising parallels from the world of rock stars, how change can become a sustainable attitude.
A speech that will empower and inspire, while also providing practical, innovative business strategies
Audience voices

Audience – Voices

‘ Her charisma and voice paired with her messages just blew me away ‘
“Her talk was like a rock concert with a lot of depth and clear messages. WOW! ‘
“LOVE IT! Very engaging and inspiring speech!
“Very convincing, authentic, expressive. Great lessons that I can implement in my life ”
“Madness lecture and performance”
‘ i’m very grateful for this speech – it gave me the impulse I needed ‘
“This speech has the power to change lives”
“What an energetic power woman – the best motivational speech I’ve ever heard”
“Great! I was able to take so much with me. I’m thrilled! ‘
“I had tears in my eyes in the very last part. Amazing motivational Speech! Respect! “