Service-Expert, Hotel Tester, Entrepreneur

Kurt Steindl, the service whisperer. More commitment, more service.

Kurt Steindl is a speaker and the most experienced hotel tester in Austria. Known through many television appearances and radio interviews. “The service whisperer” (Radio Bayern 3) rose as a trained restaurant specialist within a few years in hotel management. There he worked in a leading position for more than 15 years. For the former innkeeper, above-average services are the basis of successful market assertion. That is why, at the age of forty, he founded one of Austria’s most successful training institutes. With his company Gastlichkeit & Co he looks after top hotels and well-known customers at home and abroad.

Kurt Steindl – Service Excellence – What the economy can learn from the hotel industry.

The Austrian vacation hotel industry is considered the benchmark of the industry. In no other country in the world has this type of tourism become so established and shown such success. The warmth of the staff and Austrian hospitality are world-renowned. What does the hotel industry do better than the economy? How do these hotels emotionalize their offer? Kurt Steindl shows how the hotel industry generates sustainable customers who keep coming back. What can the economy learn from this?

Service is like rock’n roll – music is pure emotion – service too!

Service and music are pure emotion. Music has direct access to our memories and to our feelings. It is pure, unadulterated communication – even without words. Service concerns us all. True service quality is first and foremost recognized in interaction, in the encounter with people. In our dealings with customers, colleagues and superiors – but also in our private lives and relationships. Service means doing more than what is necessary, it means taking an extra step, or as in rock’n roll – playing an encore. With his little mini-guitar, Kurt Steindl uses well-known song quotes to show ways to optimize service.

Whoever wants performance must create meaning – sustainable motivation instead of a short flash in the pan.

The change is unmistakable. It is becoming more and more difficult to get really good employees. Younger employees in particular are even prepared to accept lower earnings if the work is stimulating and valuable. Modern entrepreneurs base their business on values. Value-driven companies inspire employees to be particularly committed, to show tangible enthusiasm and to identify genuinely with their work. In this way, they create the breakthrough to sustainable motivation.

More job satisfaction and joie de vivre.

He is “Austria’s top hotel tester” (daily newspapers Der Standard, Kurier, OÖ. Nachrichten) and has so far reviewed more than 2,000 top hotels and countless restaurants. His ratings serve as the basis for Austria’s hotel classification system. “The secret agent on behalf of the guest – the hotel James Bond” (Bayern Fernsehen Abendschau), however, sees himself not as a critic but as a supporter. He is considered a profound tourism expert and is a much sought-after consultant when it comes to service orientation. “Service is more important than price!” is his credo. He is an absolute service professional and knows how to be successful with emotional service. Kurt Steindl shows ways to more service quality. Contagious, awakening and motivating.

More motivation, more incentive.

Kurt Steindl is also Mr. Rock’n Roll (Oberösterreichische Nachrichten) and lives what he says. Lust for life, joy of work and positive emotions as energy donors. You can also feel this in his performances on stage. As a lively speaker, he knows how to captivate his audience. He speaks from practice for practice. Clearly understandable and motivating, he brings even complex contexts to the point in a profound and at the same time entertaining way. He is a fine mind who also looks behind the scenes and makes you think. Authentic, humble and credible. After the lecture you will have even more desire for work and life.