Lukas Irmler is one of the best slackliners in the world and a multiple Guinness World Record holder.

He has been shaping the extreme sport of slacklining with his projects and ideas for over 15 years. As a show act, he crosses lines all over the world. One of the most spectacular highlights is probably his ascent of the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. This made the television news in over 200 countries and aroused enthusiasm worldwide. He has been honoured several times as Sportsman of the Year and holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in economics.

Lukas Irmler feels completely at home not only at dizzying heights, but also on stage. In his extraordinary presentations, he inspires the audience and invites them to get active themselves and become part of a special balancing act.

Lukas Irmler Lecture Topics

Extreme sport pushes people to their limits and offers intense self-awareness. You learn a lot about yourself and life in the process. Lukas Irmler passionately shares these experiences with his audience! The slackline often serves as a metaphor for the balancing acts of everyday life. Lukas manages to build a bridge from the experiences of a professional athlete to professional and private challenges.

  • Keynote speech: Balance Your Life

In his talks, Lukas Irmler talks about overcoming fears and inspires his audience with impressive images and experiences. He motivates people to take action and leave their comfort zone. Lukas is convinced that it’s worth dreaming! Big goals and visions can be a powerful source to face your fears and insecurities and grow beyond yourself. But even the longest journey begins with the first step. That’s why Lukas asks his audience the specific question: ‘What is your next step on the path to your personal dream?’

  • Presentation: Face Your Fear

Lukas Irmler looks at the world from a unique perspective! He combines the still young sport of slacklining with numerous established and sometimes exotic sports such as climbing, high-altitude mountaineering, caving, ice climbing and acrobatics. The young pioneer is constantly looking for new challenges around the world, be it the longest, highest or lowest slackline in the world. But Lukas is driven by his adventures more than his records. The journey into the unknown and the search for new experiences are his greatest motivation.

  • Dreams, visions & goal setting
  • Balance through dynamics & flexibility
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Overcoming fears & limits
  • Expanding comfort zones
  • Dare new things and go your own way
  • Change as a chance
  • (Self-) confidence as a success factor
  • Parallels between extreme sports and business

Lukas Irmler: ‘Do something every day that scares you.’

Lukas faces new challenges every day, fuelled by his dreams and visions. He is convinced that the greatest potential for growth can be found in dealing with fear in the right way.

Since Lukas Irmler overcame his own fear of heights, new worlds have opened up for him and the slackline has given his life a completely new direction. He uses his own story and numerous examples to show how to set the right goals, face the obstacles along the way with courage and learn to control his fears. Lukas is convinced that the experiences from extreme sports can also be applied to everyday life and that the same strategies lead to success in many different areas of life.

Taking different paths and being the first to implement new ideas are Lukas’ strengths and have made him famous beyond the boundaries of his sport.