Nikki Greenberg is a world-leading futurist and innovation strategist, focussed on preparing organizations for a tech-enabled future. She helps leaders re-imagine their businesses to bring them into alignment with the increasingly digitized way that people live, work and communicate today.

Nikki Greenberg is a world-leading futurist and most sought-after industry trends keynote speaker.

A true digital nomad, Nikki has had an impressive international career that has spanned the US, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. Nikki Greenberg has worked with global organisations including Lendlease, QIC, Brown Harris Stevens, Koichi Takada Architects, and Greenland Australia.

Nikki Greenberg Speaking Topics

  • 2050: Creating Cities of the Future – How should we live in the future?
  • What Cities will be like: When AI takes over
  • Human & AI – Rise of the Superhuman Organization
  • The Metaverse – Convergence of Physical Space & Cyber Space
  • GEN-Z: The 2030 Opportunity
  • I-Commerce: The “new E-Commerce”
  • Sustainability – Pioneering the Future of Urban Living
  • Revolutionizing Construction: NextGen Technologies
  • Home of the Future: Smart, Green & Clean
  • Towards 2055: The Future of Workplace, Workflow & Workforce

She has held leadership positions with Fortune 500’s, and most recently served as the Head of Technology Strategy for Real Estate at QIC, an Australian investment manager with a $70 Billion portfolio of assets under management. She is the founder and global ambassador of “Women in PropTech” and former three-term co-chair of the Technology & Innovation Council for ULI in New York City. Holding Master degrees in both Architecture and Commerce, Nikki’s approach brings a balance between pushing possibilities, and practicality.

Nikki Greenberg directs companies on what to do today to deliver on the needs of tomorrow.

The concept of sustainable cities has transitioned from a futuristic ideal to an urgent necessity. As urban populations continue to soar, with projections showing that nearly 70% of the world will live in cities by 2050. Cities, the powerhouses of innovation and economic growth, are now at the forefront of combating climate change and ensuring a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Nikki Greenberg is a highly regarded thought-leader, frequent speaker at leading global conferences, commentator in the press, and recipient of numerous international awards. Recently she was recognised as CIO View’s 5 Most Influential Women in Real Estate to Watch (2022), Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Innovator (2021), the ULI Global Luminary (2022) and a Finalist at MIPIM Global PropTech Awards (2019). She holds a Master of Commerce with a focus on International Business, Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Architecture degree with honors.

Nikki Greenberg offers a range of services from keynote speaking to strategic advisory.

In the burgeoning age of iCommerce, the digital immersive retail experience entwines with the fabricof online gaming and social media, captivating the hearts and screens of Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha consumers alike. As digital marketplaces gain prominence, the traditional retail spaces find themselves in an exhilarating race, competing against not just each other but against the vast expanse of the digital realm.

Gen-Z – The 2030 Opportunity: As the world tilts towards a future where digital natives, Generation Z, stand at the forefront, organizations are poised at an unparalleled opportunity to engage with the most tech-savvy, connected generation yet. In her lively and thought-provoking keynote, Nikki Greenberg, apreeminent futurist, will unravel the digital tapestry that is Gen-Z’s world. She will offer a compelling look into how emerging technologies are set to define our collective digital future and the pivotalrole this generation will play in it.

2020 saw a disruptive change in the notion of workplace as companies all around the world moved to work remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, an advanced acceleration in adoption of new remote-work technology took place which has forever altered the way that companies conceptualise work. As a move towards a hybrid way of working which encompasses both a traditional office as well as remote-work possibilities is now the new reality for many companies, what trends and technologies can support such a move? How should workplaces best position themselves for this new reality? What role do advancements in Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Machine Learning play in this new reality?

Nikki Greenberg speaks passionately on topics of innovation, disruption, IoT, sustainability, design thinking, robots, and the future of the built environment. Today, she can be found speaking at leading real estate and innovation conferences around the world, in locations including London, Paris, Helsinki, New York, Washington DC, as well as virtually.

Nikki Greenberg – Design Tomorrow, Today.

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Nikki Greenberg is one of the world's leading futurologists. Nikki Greenberg talks about the opportunity with Generation Z, smart cities, sustainability and how the construction industry needs to make building better, smarter and greener in the future. Artificial intelligence in construction and architecture is an important topic. What can the latest technology do better than humans used to? Book Nikki Greenberg for presentations with The Premium Speakers Agency.