Multiple world champion in apnoea diving - Expert Resilience, Motivation, Willpower & Risk-Management

Tom Sietas is a multiple world champion in apnoea diving, a sport in which the aim is to relax to the maximum and remain calm even under pressure, using as little oxygen as possible.

In his impulse lectures, you will accompany him on an adventure journey and experience first-hand how he was able to overcome his own limits time and again and what insights he was able to gain in the key moments of his career. In a short practical exercise, you will then even experience for yourself how you can effectively deal with pressure situations in order to achieve peak performance and remain healthy and motivated in the long term.

Tom Sietas’ lecture topics:

  • Under pressure – How to perform at your best in stressful situations.
  • Long breath – How to stay healthy and motivated in stressful times
  • Limitless – How to keep redefining the limits of your performance
  • Staying the course – How to achieve any goal by building willpower

Fast-moving markets and restructuring measures inevitably lead to stressful rush hours in every company. In these phases, it is easy for managers to demand more and more from their employees. However, this usually only leads to short-term success.

In the long term, motivation and performance tend to decrease. The potential for conflict between leadership and team grows. Employees distance themselves. There is an increase in absenteeism and a lack of commitment.

Tom Sietas sees his task in counteracting this development. In his lectures and leadership trainings you will learn, among other things, how to stay calm, positive and healthy under pressure and how a trusting relationship motivates employees to perform at their best.

More about Tom Sietas

Tom Sietas was born in Hamburg in 1977. His family, who were passionate about travelling and called a sailboat their second home, instilled in him a love of the sea. At the time, no one had any idea how deep this love would become.

A few years later, during a holiday in the Caribbean, Tom realised that it was easy for him to dive to the bottom while snorkelling and stay there. For minutes. In those moments, he felt the sensation of being part of this wonderful world – and also perceiving himself in a profound way. It was not only the ability to discover the underwater world with its fascinating creatures relatively effortlessly, even without a compressed air cylinder. It was the immersion in a state of bliss.

He had found something that would henceforth determine the course of his life, take him to foreign places and to like-minded people. The desire to stay underwater longer and longer also awakened his sporting ambition and motivated Tom to keep pushing the limits of his physical and mental capabilities and to compete on a competitive level. His scientific approach and collaboration with renowned medical professionals laid the foundation for breathtaking success.

With two world championship titles and 22 world records, Tom is now one of the most successful athletes in international freediving. Behind him lies a journey on which he not only got to know all the facets of an extreme sport, but also underwent a process of mental maturation that allowed him to analyse himself and others unerringly and raise them step by step to higher levels of performance. He benefits from the fact that the didactic and pedagogically valuable communication of learning content is not only his second great passion, but even his profession.

Through his full-time occupation as a vocational school teacher, Tom has the rare combination of first-class theoretical and the highest practical competence.

Anyone who talks to Tom or experiences him in the company of others gets to know a person who is not faking anything for himself or anyone else. Tom Sietas is genuine. And it is precisely this authenticity and honesty that he needs to successfully fulfil his role as teacher, father and role model.

Career highlights:

World champion in time and deep diving (Vancouver, Canada, 12.08.2004).
World record, distance diving with fins: 223 m (Tokyo, Japan, 29.08.2006)
World record, distance diving without fins: 213 m (Hamburg, Germany, 02.07.2008)
World records in time diving: 10:12 min (Athens, Greece, 07.06.2008)
Guinness World Records in time diving with oxygen: 22:22 min (Changsha, China, 30.05.2012)
Best Freediver in the World: Best Freediver 2005, Best Freediver 2006 – ICARE Trophies