Expert in Digital Innovation & Digital Transformation, Founder & CEO of axzoom

Dirk Sebald: Digitization changes everything – not least ourselves

Dirk Sebald, born in Dortmund in 1962 and raised in Bavaria, is the founder and CEO of axzoom ag, based in Zug and Frankfurt. Founded in 2011, the company specializes in innovation, digitalization and placement.

At the age of 27, Dirk Sebald was already able to immerse himself in the IT, insurance, banking and consulting industries in upper management and as CEO and gain valuable practical experience. With his marketing and IT background, he has successfully managed many multicultural and multilingual projects in his professional career of over 30 years. These projects have been dominated by topics such as strategy, change management, innovation and reorganization.

Dirk Sebald’s core topics for presentations are

  • Open Innovation
  • Change Management & Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Strategy & Disruption
  • Fintech & Insurtech

Over the last few years, Dirk Sebald has specialized in the area of innovation and digital transformation – among other things in his function as Group Head Innovation at the largest infrastructure provider of Swiss banks, numerous project and consulting mandates as well as coaching and as an investor in start-ups. He is happy to pass on his extensive practical expertise and understanding of the daily challenges as a manager in relation to permanent change.

Dirk Sebald: “Digital transformation is not a technology solution. Digital transformation is about a customer-focused, digital mindset driven and lived by a culture of innovation within the company.”

“Successful companies leverage the opportunities of the time in the right way. With a culture of innovation, continuous improvement and the courage and openness to constant change, these companies lay the foundation for success.”

Dirk Sebald is a creative individualist with at the same time great empathy, who likes to question everything again and again. Although he definitely values traditions, for him as a lateral thinker there is always the question of meaning. Thanks to his versatile knowledge combined with a distinct ability for intuition, he is able to assess companies, products, projects and processes correctly very quickly. Dirk Sebald lets you quickly understand and concretely experience innovation and digital transformation. This is how you stay or get on the road to success.

Dirk Sebald is a family man, likes to spend time in nature, be it as a mountaineer, skier or gardener, practices music and opera singing, loves good movies and literature on all kinds of current affairs.