Frank Thomsen was at the vanguard of the e-generation, experienced the dot-com era up close as a young entrepreneur, wrote and produced musicals, conceptualized TV channels and mobile advertising platforms and is a consultant, lecturer and keynote speaker. As an innovation consultant, Frank Thomsen is a sought-after expert on the mobility and media industry.

Frank Thomsen Lecture Topics

Megatrend “The New Simplicity”

  • “Because simple is simply simple” – ten years ago, this advertising slogan by a German mobile network provider expressed in a nutshell what the customer actually wants: everything made as simple as possible. The reason for this: we are living in a totally overloaded and fragmented world of options and the thus resulting multiple constraints.
  • This presentation shows in readily comprehensible scenarios how “The New Simplicity” has the potential to become reality for both the individual and society, by harnessing intelligent services that reduce the complexity of our lives and rediscovering old, direct processes.

Managing innovation culture

  • Say goodbye to idea protectionism. Once and for all. Because an open exchange of ideas and innovation culture is essential to survival in today’s world. But how can this mindset take root in historically evolved company cultures?
  • Based on numerous entertaining and descriptive practical examples, this presentation shows how innovation can be introduced in a straightforward and sustainable manner – sometimes even retroactively – at every corporate level: “Idea archaeologists” unearth innovations from long-forgotten files and drawers, informal ideas on internal project and technology inspire the workforce, agile and innovation-friendly development methods make projects more effective and the art of fast failure enables new, smarter beginnings.

The mobility of tomorrow: Seamless. Autonomous. Forward thinking.

  • In just a few years, we will find ourselves in a new mobility landscape – and it is more than likely that, like the smartphone, we shall accept and embrace it and soon wonder what we did without it.
  • The presentation illustrates the fascinating new technologies and services that will make travelling from A to B simpler, safer, cheaper and much more environmentally friendly for people and goods: from autonomous cars and heavy goods vehicles, hyperloop systems, city air taxis to virtual reality 3D meetings and intelligent mobility service assistance systems.

Stop being scared!

  • Why are we in everyday life – and in particular in our professional lives – so scared of everything, and why do we have so many clever avoidance strategies? Why do these fears paralyze entire companies, municipalities and public decision-makers, resulting either in wrong decisions being made or those decisions not being made at all?
  • This presentation digs deep and features numerous, some very refreshing, examples from our work and social lives. And it shows how we can deal better with our fears in order to become freer, more effective and more productive all round.

Automation 4.0: Value definitions of work, tasks, coexistence

  • A revolution of work and technology is on the advance: extremely powerful algorithms and sensors are paving the way for machines that do not just do their work mechanically but think… and think ahead. Networked robotics and AI are entering our lives in manifold ways, accelerating or shortening processes and in some cases even replacing professions in a creative environment.
  • So what can we do when there is nothing left to do? Based on different examples and scenarios, this presentation illuminates the pending effects on the workplace, how it is necessary to redefine human work and which old values of coexistence are set to return.

Frank Thomsen counts among the proponents in the premier league of German futurologists. Mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT), innovation culture, social change and disruptive business models are his core themes. He is in demand as a speaker at national and international conferences, company events and in the media.

A partner in the team at future matters®, Consultancy for Innovation and Future Research in Zurich, Switzerland, Frank Thomsen advises DAX-50 companies as well as organizations and institutions throughout Europe.

Frank Thomsen was born in 1970. He is married and lives with his family (three children) in Munich.