Entrepreneur & Expert for innovative leadership

Jens Heitland is a versatile innovator and entrepreneur. His experience includes positions at IKEA, Deutsche Bank and Fjord (Accenture), where he focussed on innovation and leadership.

At IKEA, he served as Global Head of Innovation and played a key role in developing sustainability strategies for the company. His passion for sustainability and innovation led him to start his own company, HEITLAND Innovation GmbH, which focuses on supporting innovators.

Jens Heitland: “Innovative leaders will change the world.”

His entrepreneurial projects focus on people-centred innovation and personal branding and have had a significant impact on the development of leaders in various industries. His work in fostering entrepreneurship, combined with his commitment to combining academic insights with practical applications, makes him a key figure in shaping the future of business innovation and leadership.

Jens Heitland Lecture topics

  • Leading with Impact: Practical Tools that Jens Heitland utilized as the global Head of Innovation IKEA Centres.

How to utilize the personal leadership brand, measure what matters and build a network for impact as a Manager inside of an organization

  • Human Innovation: How LeaderSHIFT enables BusinessSHIFT and generates impact.

The Audience will understand that Human Innovation integrates leadership and culture with organizational innovation, they will take away how they can create a dynamic organization that delivers significant impact

  • Data driven Leadership: How measuring leadership will change the trajectory of an organization.

How leadership impacts company results and how individuals and organizations can measure leadership effectively to gain insights and change the way they lead

  • Innovating the edge of an organization: How human relations change the way the future looks.

How to purposeful structure and curate innovation in an organization

Heitland: “Innovation starts with people.”

Jens Heitland is also active as a podcaster and public speaker. His podcast, “The Jens Heitland Show”, focuses on topics such as human innovation, reverse mentorship and his experiences in innovation work at global companies. In this podcast, he interviews leading personalities and innovators and shares his thoughts on various topics, including the importance of human-centred innovation and leadership.

His work and approach is strongly influenced by the concept of human innovation, which aims to seamlessly connect innovation and leadership and enable organisations to continuously innovate by putting the human element at the centre. This concept assumes that groups of people are always more powerful than individuals and that fostering collaboration and teamwork is critical to the success of innovation endeavours.

In addition to his work with HEITLAND Innovation, Jens Heitland is involved in various other projects and companies, such as XYZ Playground, a platform for reverse mentorship, and Ai-Fortuna, a company that organises innovation events for executives. He is also involved in educational and mentoring programmes and regularly appears as a speaker to share his insights and experiences.