Change expert at thyssenkrupp Kommunikation, Expert for Transformation, Generative AI & Ethics, Development & Empowerment

Leonie Weber is a speaker who likes to break away from conventional, dry knowledge transfer and instead focusses on inspiring her audience in the long term. She succeeds in this above all because she is truly passionate about her topics.

In her role at thyssenkrupp, she deals with topics relating to culture, change and communication in addition to managing projects.

With her research work on flow states, her broad academic background and various additional qualifications such as coach, consultant and SCRUM master, she has a solid foundation of experience.

Her professional career spans a broad spectrum from marketing to the German Institute for Economic Research to change management and offers a wealth of experience that is always incorporated into her presentations. She is not afraid to share a personal story or two, or to report with a wink on her own faux pas from the various professional stages of her life.

Leonie Weber Lecture topics

In her speeches and training sessions, Leonie Weber takes her audience on a journey through the demands of a new world of work.

In her input “Happiness and success – how one leads to the other”, Leonie gives an insight into happiness research and uses findings from her research into successful artists to show how happiness and success are linked.

In “Balance under pressure to perform”, she sketches a picture of modern working life, which is often characterised by high pressure. With humour and wit, she offers strategies to not only survive but thrive in this high-performance world.

In “Mastering multitasking”, she dispels the myth that multitasking increases productivity. Instead, she argues in favour of a return to the old-school concept of “mono-concentration” and gives practical approaches on how focus can succeed in a world of increasing distraction.

“Flow states” are more than just a buzzword for Leonie. She explains how to achieve this state of complete immersion, in which work becomes a passion and time seems to fly.

She treats the topic of “Networking – the power of networking” with a mixture of seriousness and humour. Peppered with anecdotes from her professional life, she shows how to form networks that not only enrich you professionally, but also personally in the long term.

With “Impress Presence Training”, she addresses the art of putting yourself in the right light, which is becoming increasingly important in times of social professional media. Using photography and video work, she teaches how to sharpen your own presence.

“Self-confidence -Fake it till you make it?” discusses how to build genuine self-confidence that goes beyond superficial tricks. Self-confidence is one of the top factors for professional success and, contrary to popular belief, it can definitely be trained.

“Speak up – With clear language to success” shows how crucial communication is for everyday professional life. Based on her experience with podcasts, she demonstrates how to convince and inspire with your language.

In “How to be successful while being a woman” and “Women on the board – so that the quota is right?”, she talks courageously about the role of women in relation to power and how to break through stereotypical barriers.

In “Body Dysmorphia light – Appearance and Insecurity”, she addresses the topic of self-acceptance with the necessary sensitivity. She explains the general patterns, which she intersperses with her own experiences, and talks openly about the time when she lost her hair in the middle of her career due to an autoimmune disease.

“Living in Imperfection – Dealing with Perfectionism” and “The Perfect Gender – Femininity and Perfectionism” are topics in which Leonie breaks down the dynamics surrounding perfectionism, explains the ineffectiveness of unrealistic ideals and offers practical strategies for dealing with this widespread work attitude.

In “Gen Z in the company”, she reports on her career as a person who is on the borderline between Gen Z and millennials in terms of age and shows ways to achieve understanding. She not only explains why Gen Z seems so different, but also why we need them and what advantages their “otherness” can offer.

She also provides practical approaches for everyday working life with “AI Basic Training”, which anyone can use to take their first steps in the field of artificial intelligence.

With “AE- Artificial Ethics”, she brings a breath of fresh air to the discussion surrounding the use of artificial intelligence and its ethical implications in the corporate context.

Why you should book Leonie Weber as a speaker for a lecture or as a workshop coach:

With her academic expertise and practical experience in engaging diverse audiences, Leonie delivers customised content that is tailored to the individual needs of her audience. Her interactive presentations create a dynamic and engaging learning atmosphere. However, her approach is not to teach, but to inspire and empower.

Her ability to make complex content accessible and usable to a broad audience gives her speeches and trainings a special value. Leonie Weber is a speaker who knows how to combine education and entertainment in a unique way, offering her audience valuable insights and laughs in equal measure.

Her speeches are a source of inspiration and a catalyst for change, encouraging every listener to think outside the box and explore new paths.