Livia Schröder is herself part of Generation Z, born in 2004, and reflects the generation in many ways.

After graduating from school she starts an apprenticeship as a commercial clerk in a travel agency. During the Corona time she had a lot more free time because of the short-time work. During this time she collected various skills, such as selling cosmetic products via social media or completed several online courses. This is something very normal in the new generation.

We have grown up differently and see the world with completely different eyes and have a lot more opportunities.

Meanwhile, she changed industries in training due to short-time work. After that, she discovered her passion for lectures and gave several lectures or workshops a month in addition to her training. She graduated as an EFZ businesswoman in the summer of 2022. After that, she did a six-month internship at a communications company. After that, she founded two companies.

Now she is in the IT industry (NeuroNetix), researching innovative solutions in the business world with the vision of minimizing the shortage of personnel in certain industries.

Livia Schröder lecture topics

There are a lot of misconceptions in the business world right now. Young people have very high expectations, some of which are difficult for companies to understand.

You hear Generation Z is

  • lazy
  • demanding
  • does not want to work
  • remote work
  • wants an enormously high remuneration

There is an urgent need for change and understanding on both sides. In a lecture by Livia Schröder, exactly this topic will be discussed:

  • How do you reach young employees?
  • How do you bind them to the company?
  • How do I create a pleasant workplace that appeals to all generations?
  • How do I implement this in my company and my industry?

After the lecture, a great understanding of the behavior of Generation Z will be created and, best of all, application suggestions will be given that can be implemented directly.