Encourager, Diver, Author and Keynote Speaker for Future Courage, Change and Communication

Lorenz Wenger knows what courage really means when he dives into the depths voluntarily and without oxygen with just one breath. Underwater, courage, willpower, adaptability and the right focus are required.

Lorenz Wenger: “Courage is when you do it anyway”

As a project manager in the advertising industry, entrepreneur with his own diving resort in the Philippines, diving instructor and apnoea diver, Lorenz Wenger has already had several borderline experiences and has emerged even more courageous each time. Today, as a communications expert, he lets people share in his exciting experiences and advises many renowned companies as an expert in courage, communication and intercultural cooperation.

In his visually powerful and stirring lectures, Lorenz Wenger lets his audience dive deep into another world above and below the water. He talks about courage, willpower, personal change and the importance of interpersonal and intercultural communication.

Lorenz Wenger is: Courageous person. Dreamer. Doer. Lecturer. Communicator. Inspirer. Impulsator. Motivator. Mental coach. Trainer. Entrepreneur. Everyday adventurer. Family man. Bookworm. Coffee connoisseur. Cold showerer. Runner. Scuba diver. Sailor.

Lecture topic: “Dive of change – courageously dive into change and future”

Change, personal transformation and crises are part of everyday life, both in life and underwater. The diver and expert for communication, Lorenz Wenger knows from his own experience how to cope with crises and how to deal with the associated changes in the right way. Because with every small and big crisis comes an important change that helps us to look successfully into the future.

In this presentation, you will learn how to skillfully deal with every crisis and the changes that come with it. In doing so, Lorenz Wenger appeals to see the change of life and the associated changes as something positive, and in doing so, to take an important step towards the future.

From the contents:

  • How to survive crises – above and below water
  • New perspectives: why we should look below the surface more often
  • Ascending to success: celebrating only when you’re back on the surface
  • Better decisions: maximum relaxation under pressure
  • The courage formula: four factors for more courage and motivation
  • The path of small steps
  • Why perseverance is so important

Lecture topic: “Courage is no coincidence: why courage is a decision”

In many people’s minds, the future is far worse than it actually is. Therefore, in order not to be afraid of the unknown, it is so important to look positively and courageously into the future. To conquer fear, courage and curiosity must always be greater. Courageous decisions can permanently change and thus improve one’s life.

In this lecture you will learn how to improve your life sustainably with the right attitude. The key is always to face your fear and to move forward courageously. Lecture speaker Lorenz Wenger supports his audience with valuable tips on how to courageously move forward.

From the contents:

  • Through fear to the desired situation
  • Why the imagination of the future is often worse than reality
  • The courage formula: four factors for more courage and motivation
  • It is not courageous to be free of fear
  • More chances with more courage: why fear-free is not courageous

Lecture topic: “Deep Talk: diving into the art of communication”

To know how good communication works, you first have to study the subject in depth. Understanding facial expressions, gestures and behavior of other people correctly at the first go is not easy, but an art that has to be learned first. To avoid misunderstandings, it is therefore essential to read between the lines. Because a team can only function well if people clearly understand each other and make clear agreements. This is equally true for teams “on dry land” above water as it is for divers underwater.

In this presentation you will learn how the many subtleties of good communication work. Especially in intercultural teams, it is enormously important to master the art of communication and to correctly interpret even the smallest gestures and facial expressions.

From the contents:

  • How to avoid misunderstandings in communication
  • Preventing accidents with the help of non-verbal communication
  • Why empathy, tolerance and respect are so important in communication
  • The art of (underwater) communication

Lecture topic: “Diversity: diving into the colorful world of diversity”

A diverse team is enormously important for corporate success. Diverse teams score with exciting ideas and different opinions, which can work wonders for the future viability of the company. Keynote speaker Lorenz Wenger has himself worked with diverse teams for many years and therefore knows from his own experience the many positive aspects that this diversity brings.

In this presentation, you will learn how important diversity is for your company. Using self-experienced examples from tourism, Lorenz Wenger skillfully demonstrates how well-functioning diverse teams are created and how valuable they are for any company.

From the contents:

  • Why diversity in teams is so important
  • Courage for diversity – using intercultural opportunities
  • Why the world is colorful and not black and white
  • How to motivate and inspire employees
  • Diversity as a competitive advantage

Keynote Speaker Lorenz Wenger, as a current apnoea diver and former owner of a diving school, has already had many exciting experiences in which a good portion of courage was always required. As a former project manager in the advertising industry, he now advises large companies on the subject of intercultural cooperation.

In his rousing presentations, Lorenz Wenger talks about his great passion, diving, and why he feels free and detached here. He gives valuable and practical tips on how to use the art of communication paired with courage and willpower profitably in business as well as in private life. Especially when dealing with people of different cultures, it is particularly important to communicate correctly and to make the appropriate decisions.

Today, the speaker works as a communication expert and courage coach in Switzerland and is the author of two books. In addition, Lorenz Wenger is a committed member of the GSA. He was GSA president in Switzerland and is now active in the overall board of the DACH region.

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