Anthony Taylor – Premier League Referee and FIFA Referee.

As a highly motivated and adaptable individual, Anthony Taylor possess an excellent ability to motivate others along with the ability to communicate at all levels. Subsequently creating an effective working environment for all members of the team to maximise potential, fulfil ambitions and aspirations.

A wide-ranging skill set developed during his refereeing career spanning twenty-five years and through his previous professional life in the Prison Service, Anthony Taylor’s experience of developing and maintaining successful working relationships is a solid foundation for success.

Anthony Taylor Lecture Topics

  • Leadership & Motivation – Through his many roles within refereeing and the Prison Service there are numerous examples of developing a cohesive team ethic and empowering others to gain effective results.
  • Decision taking under pressure – Caught in the crossfire, clear decisions under pressure.
  • Respect – Clear communication and good cooperation in football and business
  • Resilience – Stress competence and how you can regulate stress and even use it.

Anthony Taylor has been employed by PGMOL as a professional elite football referee since 2010. His career in football has spanned twenty-five years, commencing at grassroots in 1995 and continuing presently at the elite level of the game. He has devoted a significant amount of time developing his physical and cognitive skills as a referee and man manager to ensure operating to high standards at the elite level. Anthony Taylor is extremely proud of his position as a professional referee on both the Premier League and FIFA International lists, including his position within the UEFA elite group of referees where he has refereed over 100 international matches.

Anthony Taylor, Premier League referee and FIFA referee is the perfect speaker for public conferences, leadership retreats & corporate meetings.

Anthony Taylor is also proud to have refereed 343 Premier League matches and a total of over 600 matches in the professional game (up to end of May 2023). He has been fortunate to have officiated many high-profile matches over recent years, some of which are detailed below, which he believe display not only a wide-ranging skill set but significant mental toughness and resilience.

  • UEFA Europa League Final 2023 (Referee)
  • FIFA Club World Cup Final 2022 (Referee)
  • FIFA World Cup 2022 (Referee)
  • FIFA World Cup qualification UEFA play off final 2022 (Referee)
  • UEFA Nations League Final 2021 (Referee)
  • UEFA EURO 2020 (Referee)
  • UEFA Super Cup Final 2020 (Referee)
  • FA Cup Final 2020 (Referee)
  • UEFA EURO qualification play off final 2020 (referee)
  • EFL Championship Play Off Final 2018 (Referee)
  • FIFA U17 World Cup Finals 2017 (Referee)
  • FA Cup Final 2017 (Referee)
  • FA Community Shield 2015 (Referee)
  • UEFA U19 European Championships Final 2015 (Referee)
  • League Cup Final 2015 (Referee)
  • FA Trophy Final 2012 (Referee)

Talking about the personal profile of Anthony Taylor

  • Energetic – Any task he undertakes to do so with energy to complete it to the best of his ability but also as a catalyst to motivate others.
  • Committed – Anthony ensures to dedicate many hours to self-development in order to maximise his potential and to make the most of opportunities that are available to him.
  • Leadership – Through his many roles within refereeing and the Prison Service there are numerous examples of himself developing a cohesive team ethic and empowering others to gain effective results.
  • Resilient – Unflappable under pressure and tough minded when required to learn from mistakes, his strong mental approach aids his quest for excellence.
  • Decisive – he is no stranger to making important yet unpopular decisions.
  • Inspiring – He bring guaranteed drive and enthusiasm to any task he undertakes. It is important to him that others as well as himself believe that they can achieve success in anything that they do.
  • Strategic – Over the years he has experienced of developing and implementing strategic plans to enable development and progression of individuals and groups.
  • Adaptable – Always willing to change should the environment or situation require it. Sometimes as a team, work is directed towards one goal however each individual may have a different path to this goal. This is important to remember.
  • Flexible – To spark development in an individual, Anthony believes there is a constant need to assess and re-assess to ensure their hopes and aspirations can be nurtured and achieved.

Anthony Taylor: Taking a Decision. Now.

Anthonay Taylor’s willingness to learn and develop his skills set as an elite referee underpins all his preparations. He firmly believe that if he does not continue to learn and develop then he will “stand still” and not maximise his potential. During his time as a prison officer he gained extensive experience of conflict resolution and negotiating. Other additional responsibilities included staff instruction on restraining techniques and the supervising of problematic incidents which always required a high level of teamwork. In his role as patron for “Prison? Me? No Way!” he strive to influence others by being a role model for young people but also by educating others to consider the choices they make in life and for them to strive to be the very best that they can be.