Digitalist, Speaker, Author

Christian Spancken is a passionate entrepreneur and digitalist who founded eight companies within eleven years. As the only B2B expert he is part of the exclusive circle of only twelve Google partner coaches in Germany. His keynotes and lectures at various universities are ‘notorious’: with great expertise and his very own dry sense of humor, the expert dissects digital strategies of companies, global players and hidden champions. His sharp analyses of the mittelstand, especially the B2B business amuse and affect at the same time. A high gain of knowledge is guaranteed: Despite all candor Christian Spancken as well shows practical solution paths and encourages his audience to take action themselves.

The spirited digitalist explains why every B2B vendor needs a tailor made online strategy – and that it does not have to be as complicated as often feared. Christian illuminates the sense and nonsense of strategies and competently shows how to boost your sales without boosting your marketing budget and specifically: which concepts really work – entertaining, knowledgable, practical.

Christian Spancken is a designated expert in digital strategies and booked by well-known companies for keynotes and consultations. His clients include various organizations as Harley Davidson, Siemens, Agravis, Shimadzu (world leader in medical technology) as well as IHK or hidden champions, e.g. Dornbracht, Artemide, Kruse Automotive. As founder and CEO of an for online marketing agency, Christian has led more than 450 small and medium-sized enterprises into the online business during the last ten years.

Christian Spancken: “To think digitally means: to think about your customer, to take his point of view and fulfill his wishes – not only the wishes for products and services, but also for co-participation and meaningful communication.”

The IT business engineer (B.Sc.) and marketing expert (M.A) Christian Spancken completed a dual degree at IBM. As a sought-after keynote speaker, he is quite clear about online marketing. In addition to the highly coveted Google work shops, Christian Spancken holds lectureships at various universities for more than seven years. As a writer, he has published numerous professional publications, his current book is an invitation to digital thinking (and concrete action!) for the B2B industry and SMEs.

Christian Spancken: Digital visibility or Digital Titanic?

The retail and consumer business has no doubt: Be visible these days online or you will extinct. No retailer without online shop, no fashion company without digital strategy, no restaurant without website… While in the B2B sector at the same time many entrepreneurs allow themselves to be lulled into a false sense of security. Sales are still high, field staff and trade fairs still generate satisfying orders. But most Organizations are also still not aware their business customers already do digital research and “pre-sorting”. You have to attract attention digitally or go down. The first innovative companies have already realized: The time of online refusenik is running out – and the clock is also ticking for “hidden champions”!

Christian Spancken Speaking Topics (selection)

The midmarket – a digital neanderthal? Escape the digital ignorance!

  • Digital eras trends: How business modes change
  • Where medium-sized companies have enormous growth potential
  • Why the little ones are often the big ones online
  • Hidden Champions of tomorrow: Why resting will hurt eventually
  • Why online is a strategic rather than an operational approach
  • The risk of the digital world is often overestimated – instead of seeing opportunities

Online Marketing Basics: How to use/adapt the secrets of online giants (Google, Facebook & Co) for your Business

  • How and why advertising has changed
  • Customer approach via online channels: impact and use
  • Why you should fire your agency – or not
  • AdWords, Facebook Ads & Co – Pitfalls and possible adjustments
  • Insights: current online marketing Trends

Why business customers are also consumers: Sales 2.0 – the trends in automatized sales

  • How Amazon & Co. have educated customers and how business relationships change
  • It does not always have to be an online shop: Leads are part of the automatized business
  • Why the biggest changes are still to come
  • Why and above all: what will cold calling be replaced for?
  • How long the purchase decision process really takes