Mr. DAX - Financial Expert, Political Advisor & Bestseller Author

Dirk Müller is a financial expert, multiple Spiegel bestselling author, political advisor, speaker and lecturer and founder of the financial information provider Finanzethos GmbH with the “” brand essence. He is regarded as an “interpreter between the world of finance and people outside the stock market”.

His career as a registered stockbroker began in 1992. Today he is one of the most renowned experts on the German stock exchange, which is reflected in his moniker of “Mr DAX”. Müller is a senior advisor on national and international political affairs in his capacity as senator for the German economy and “FairFinance” chairman of the diplomatic council.

The ability and ease with which Dirk Müller summarizes complex issues and renders them understandable to the general public is an outstanding characteristic of his reporting. He places emphasis on conveying background information that is both independent and honest.

Dirk Müller is committed to the promotion of equity culture in Germany and supports this with his own wealth growth fund (Dirk Müller Premium Aktien).

“A fresh look at finance, the economy and the stock market – exciting, entertaining and enriching.”

Infotainment with Dirk Müller – his entertaining and informational lectures are packed with exciting topics and developments from the stock market and the worlds of business, finance, politics and society, which are specifically tailored to his audience.


  • The stock exchange, past and present – change on the floor
  • Opportunities and risks in the current financial market environment
  • Food speculation – ethics on the stock exchange
  • Ethics and the stock exchange – gaming establishment or serious investment?
  • Looking forward to retiring – planning for retirement with stocks and shares made easy
  • Material assets or monetary assets – where do the best opportunities lie?
  • Europe. The most important project of the century – if it’s done the right way!
  • Financial markets in the tension field of international politics
  • The power of emotions – of soldiers of fortune and equity strategists
  • Potential solutions for the European debt problem