After his studies at the Ruhr University in Bochum and several years of further training, Lothar Linz first worked as a research assistant at the FernUniversität Hagen and the Ruhr University in Bochum.

In 1994 he became self-employed and in 1997 founded SportsGeist, a sports psychology consulting office for top athletes and coaches. Since 2002 he has been a lecturer at the Trainer Academy in Cologne and trains sports psychologists throughout Germany and also in Austria. In addition, he has also been a trainer in systemic constellation work since 2010.

Lothar Linz Lecture topics:

  • On the way to top performance – How does top performance actually come about? What does it take to win a gold medal in the end? Concrete examples of individual athletes and/or teams will show how great successes are built up over years and what role the psyche plays in the process. The audience can take away concrete suggestions for their own path.
  • The power of motivation – Motivation is the motor for (top) performance. But how does motivation arise and how can I address it in other people? The keynote gives answers to these questions and tells vividly how top athletes maintain their motivation over many years or how coaches push their teams to top performance in their daily work.
  • Energize your work! – For many people, work sounds like a rather laborious part of life. But there are many ways to experience work as pleasurable, satisfying and stimulating. Others, on the other hand, lose their drive at some point due to constant overload and eventually end up in burnout. This keynote will talk about how it is possible to bring work into the right balance and keep it there.
  • Remaining capable of action even under stress – My experiences in top-class sports as well as in training special task forces of the German Federal Police form the basis for this important topic. Because under stress our brain tends to make wrong decisions or to suffer in the execution of actions. The penalty shootout in soccer is a great example of this. But you can train to deal with such situations effectively. In this presentation, you will learn how to prepare for such stressful situations.
  • Successful stress management – An absolute classic. We all experience stress every day, but have insufficient strategies to deal with it. This can be a problem, especially in the long term. That’s why it’s worth thinking about stress and successful stress management. In the end, you are sure to take away a few new and easy-to-apply impulses.
  • Sports and leadership – What managers can learn from top-class sports – Top-class sports are like a burning glass for what is going on in many other areas. That’s why we can learn from top-class sports how leadership can succeed (and how it can’t). In this keynote, self-experienced examples of successful coaches will be used to illustrate principles and ways of acting that are transferable for participants.
  • From Forming to Performing – Designing a Team Building Process – I have been coaching teams in sports and business for 25 years. A positive team dynamic is not a given, but it can be influenced in a targeted way. Because in the end, we all want high-performing teams that are capable of achieving great success. Using concrete examples, you will learn about the path of successful teams.
  • The coach as a success factor – Even if coaches themselves do not score goals, they play a decisive role on the path to success. In this keynote, you will learn what makes a coach an inspiring person and what the support for top athletes and teams can look like. Let’s make you a success factor too!

As a speaker, Lothar Linz passes on his many years of experience in top-class sports to employees of medium-sized companies and large corporations in various keynotes. Among other things, the highly decorated speaker shows what executives can learn from top athletes, how to remain capable of acting under stress, and how to successfully shape team-building processes using the example of top sports.

His motto is: “The mind determines what the body is capable of”. Diplom-Psychologe Lothar Linz is one of the most successful German sports psychologists and has won countless medals at Olympic Games, World, European and German Championships.