Artificial intelligence and robotics are currently changing our professional and private lives in permanent and irrevocably ways. Demographic change adds the icing to the cake when it comes to this constant transformation. Now more than ever we can truly say that individuals are more important than ever before. Individuals are still in charge of shaping these transformations.

Courage expert Edith Karl assists mid-sized companies in accompanying their employees on the road to digitalization and handing over leadership tasks to young people at the right time, allowing them to optimally draw mutual benefits from changing demographics.

Edith Karl’s presentations are well-founded, practical and humorous. As a trained psychologist, sociologist and publicist, she has gained experience over 35 years of consultation in 52 industries. She expertly combines proven knowledge with new ideas, creating a captivating reality. She runs the platform “Knowing How to Succeed: for People and the Economy”, an internet radio podcast with more than 5 million hits and currently 270,000 subscribers in 106 countries. In her interviews, more than 150 successful individuals discuss their paths, their crises, their strategies and their breakthroughs. For this collection, Karl won the European Comenius medal in 2017. Edith Karl’s latest book is called: “Digitalized Courage – Your Path from Stress, Fear and Frustration to Serenity and Strength”

Her core idea is that individuals can digitalize their courage.

Lectures by Edith Karl:

Using digitalized courage to find serenity and strength

In the age of digitalization and artificial intelligence, individuals are more important than ever. We are facing new challenges every day. The old ways of doing things hardly work anymore. Constant flexibility is required. And courage. Edith Karl incites reflection and demonstrates alternatives with a touching and entertaining style. Learn the 4 steps to awaken your courage at any time. You will become stronger. Courageous people recognize opportunities, take their lives in their own hands and shape their own future. With excitement, flow and joy.

Leadership in the age of digitalization, artificial intelligence and disruption – Courage for success

Individuals play a decisive role in the progress of digitalization. Leaders are more in demand than ever before. Major challenges are being faced. Multiple generations have to work together. Various projects need to be conducted simultaneously with increasingly flat hierarchies. Edith Karl leads you securely through the jungle of challenges, taking you out of insecurity into serenity and strength.

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