Learn from communication coach Inga Paulsen how to train your voice and body language for an effective appearance.

Give your message character and impact, whether as an entrepreneur, manager or speaker.

Employees want guidance and appreciation through an authentic and clear way of communicating. Do you want to inspire and motivate your audience in an entertaining yet moving speech? Inga Paulsen shows you how to convey effective messages in business communication, with the help of your expressive voice.

“Listeners love liveliness and hate boredom. They don’t remember clever content for that reason, but a good message that is charismatic and coherently spoken.”

Each of her keynotes is tailor-made. Inga Paulsen merely provides a framework. In a personal initial meeting with Inga, you discover the really relevant topics of your company and your workforce. On this basis, Inga Paulsen addresses your topics with her young perspective and expertise. In this way, your own, very individual keynote is created, which will achieve your implied goals.

Inga Paulsen lecture topics:

Transformational communication: confidently in the driver’s seat!

  • How to exude confidence and build trust.
  • How to rally your team behind corporate goals.
  • Get out of the consumer mindset: Dissolve reservations and activate employees.
  • Create your own spirit, which creates motivation and joy.

Language creates reality – shaping the future and mastering crises with your words.

  • How to build trust.
  • How to rally your team behind business goals.
  • How to inspire your team for new goals.
  • Consumer attitude passé: how to motivate your employees.

What you can learn from the big stage for your leadership communications.

  • Discover and learn to read body language.
  • Emotion transport via the voice: how to enter imaginary world.
  • Ad hoc speaking skills: never be speechless again.
  • Dissecting and solving challenging leadership situations.

Female Leadership: Yes, you may! 

  • Countering sexism in a quick-witted way.
  •  Never again too loud, too emotional, too difficult, too squeaky… – Why deep voices come across more confident.
  •  Using self-doubt as a superpower.
  • Because finding your leadership style and voice is easy.

Previously commissioned works:

My heart is pounding – Do you have the courage to really be yourself? 
Convince in front of the camera – A crash course for laymen
Have courage for your own voice – A keynote for young people aged 12 and up

Inga Paulsen writes about herself:

“I am a nordic northern light – not a citizen of Hamburg, but a sprat from Kiel. Salt water flows in my veins.  I grew up in a small village on the Eckernförde Bay, with a 15-minute walk to the beach and a 20-minute drive or a caustic 75-minute bus ride to Kiel. Why my island talent in voice and communication has become pronounced is due to the big social-family change in 2004.

Two essential events occurred because needs had changed:

First, I suddenly became eager to take voice lessons instead of continuing to pursue my hitherto 9-year equestrian career.

Second, my father decided to take up the honorary position of mayor in our community, in addition to his full-time job in human resources for the state police.

Now, when I think back to that time, I again have the mixed feelings of my 13-year-old self. Because all of a sudden, I was perceived differently by my entire social circle – not because I was trying my hand at singing – but because I was the mayor’s daughter. People analyzed and interpreted me, judged my character, and kept their distance from me. Part of my daily routine was to display the “right behavior” in order to protect and maintain my appearance.

At the same time, I wanted to express my creativity even more, to discover it further, so I took additional piano lessons and sang in the children’s and youth choir at the Kiel Opera. Through art, I learned to strike the right note in singing and in dialogue, to apply the rules of communication and to build interpersonal bridges, even though a field of tension prevailed.  These skills had to be applied and deepened, even under pressure to compete and perform. It’s just stupid when the voice itself goes on strike and gets sick. That’s what happened to me during my training at a well-known musical school in Hamburg.

And so began an even more intensive practical exploration of the voice. After all, it had to be possible to be effective and to be heard without any pathological effort. During my training as a breathing, speaking and voice teacher in Bad Nenndorf, I not only became aware of the interaction between body and psyche, but above all was able to experience it very clearly.

Passing on this grandiose practical knowledge of Schlaffhorst-Andersen, peppered with current findings from voice science, trauma research and body work, has become my passion.

First in my logopedic practice, then through Meinklang, finally since 3, 5 years with my own business. In the meantime, I have therapized, coached and trained around 700 people – with outstanding results and feedback. 

Our voice is not simply thoughts made audible. Much more, it makes audible the connection between body, mind and spirit.

When flow and integrity are cultivated, it shows directly in voice, communication, and inevitably self-efficacy and leadership.

Some clients find their way onto the small or large stages. Because the stage gives us the chance not only to think about our world together, but also to shape it. The more people dare to take the step of making themselves heard adequately, the more likely we are to master the challenges of a modern world.

Let us think together about your world, your company. I am very much looking forward to it!