Expert for strategy, innovation & organization, bestselling author, director of the Center for Innovation at the SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

Lucas Sauberschwarz speaks the language of board members, helping them sorting out their thoughts and lead their organizations into the future.

As head of the Center for Innovation at the renowned SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen, CEO of the successful management consultancy venture.idea and bestselling author, Lucas Sauberschwarz is one of the most sought-after contacts for top executives of German companies. He researches, teaches and advises companies in the areas of strategy and innovation and shares his many years of practical knowledge in inspiring speeches.

Lucas Sauberschwarz presentation topics

  • Adapt or perish? Resilience as a strategy for the 21st century.

The war in Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic, generative artificial intelligence, the energy transition, trade wars…. Increasing dynamics increase the uncertainty and complexity of business environments. This poses an existential challenge to established companies whose ability to adapt cannot keep pace with the multitude of developments. This presentation uses numerous examples, models from research and anecdotes from corporate practice to show how organizations can increase their corporate resilience to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

  • Innovation – the key to ensuring the future viability of your business

Innovation has evolved from a buzzword to a strategic imperative in a world of increasing uncertainty, where traditional strategic planning and operational optimization have reached their limits. Established companies today must constantly reinvent themselves and create new competitive advantages in an environment of accelerating change.  Innovation has become the key to the future viability of companies. This presentation will show how a holistic, systemic approach to innovation can help established companies succeed in innovation, and what adjustments need to be made.

  • The Corporates Strike Back: How large companies win the battle against disruptive startups.

65% of CEOs of large companies fear being overtaken in the innovation race by disruptive startups. The supposed solution: copy the methods of startups. But this is a fatal mistake, because corporations are not startups! And so most ideas fail and innovation becomes a frustration. Why is this the case? And what is the solution that enables large companies to innovate in a customer-centric and successful way? Based on practical experience from more than 150 innovation projects and surprising innovation studies, this presentation challenges conventional innovation methods and shows the proven, “efficient” way to successful innovation in established companies.

  • Strategy Needs Agility – How Companies Can Achieve Their Goals Even in Times of High Uncertainty and Dynamism.

Does strategic planning still make sense in today’s uncertain and dynamic world? The answer is yes, but …. Strategy today requires agility. In most companies, however, the concept of agility is misunderstood and equated with agile methods at the project and team level. In turn, companies that have not yet embraced agility face the challenge of radical transformation. A holistic approach is needed to introduce agility at the enterprise level without much fuss and to achieve immediate results. This presentation shows how an agile strategy can be successful and what an agile management system can look like.

With books such as “The Corporates Strike Back”, “Successful through the Crisis” and “Good Job!”, Lucas Sauberschwarz provides new impulses for innovation, transformation and leadership in established companies.

As a charismatic keynote speaker, he inspires his audiences with inspiring insights from his work with DAX, Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies in more than 30 industries and gives them a direct insight into the latest boardroom talk.

His presentations and in-depth workshops are characterized by in-depth expertise, real-world examples and a deep understanding of the challenges companies face in a rapidly changing business world. In an entertaining and memorable way, he shares his expertise on how companies need to think today to be successful tomorrow.

His speeches and in-depth workshops are characterized by deep expertise, practical examples, and a deep understanding of the challenges companies face in a rapidly changing business world. In an entertaining and memorable way, he shares how companies need to think today to be successful tomorrow.

Each presentation can be tailored to the individual needs of the company. The goal is to provide concrete impulses for practical implementation.